A 3rd Anniversary at the Couple's Favorite Museum
June 16, 2017
Mid Atlantic
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Here at SMP, we believe every anniversary is worth celebrating in a meaningful way. So kudos to Tina and Chase for ringing in three years of marriage with a whole lot of fun, and no shortage of style. They took a trip to their favorite museum and brought Nicki Metcalf along to photograph the day. Cheers to Tina and Chase, and the many years to come!
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From the bride, Tina... This month we celebrate three years of wedding bliss. On our anniversary we have a tradition that we love to reminisce about our wedding day, look through photos and discuss our favorite memories we've made from this past year. Some of our favorite memories from this past year include getting our sweet golden retriever, Magnolia, renovating our back deck so that we can eat dinner outside when the weather is nice or just relax outside while we tell each other about our days. Several fond memories also include us traveling to new fun places we were able to unplug from work and truly enjoy each other on interrupted while exploring a new city and their local eats. Although we no longer live in the city - we love to visit often with our pups. Some of my favorite Saturday mornings involve packing up the pups, picking up breakfast and coffee from Captain Buzzy's and walking around together.

Chase has been instrumental in helping me see that life is meant to be lived and that we work to live, we do not live to work. We bring out the best of each other. I am so thankful to have found someone that is supportive, loving, adventurous, strong and incredibly thoughtful. We truly believe that marriage is not 50/50… But rather each of us giving 100%, 100% of the time.