High-Fashion Wedding at an Austrian Palace
June 14, 2017
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Right on the border of Austria and Slovakia lies a magnificent palace that's the setting of this truly unique wedding day. It's a style mashup of classic, modern, and eclectic that makes for a one-of-a-kind celebration and we can't get enough. One of our favorite photographer duos, Peter & Veronika told the story of the day, and we've got every moment of this high-fashion lovefest right at your fingertips.
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From the bride... Our wedding was everything we could ever dream of. From amazing engagement with an incredible sunset in one of Tuscany's wineries until the final goodbyes with our closest friends after the wedding party in the early morning. We chose everything to happen close to our new home in Devin, Slovakia, so the place is forever soaked with the memories and atmosphere of this day.

After several weeks of discussions and various options we agreed, that it will be the best to keep the wedding preparations at our new home. However stressful it looked like few days before the wedding, the minute our house started to fill with our family and closest friends, we knew it was the best idea.

For the church ceremony, we decided to be a bit serious - we chose to put the right amount of importance to this day and we went to St Martin's Cathedral in Bratislava, in which coronations of 11 kings and queens took place, including Maria Theresia of Austro-Hungarian Empire. The ceremony was performed by Monsignore Hajdu, and we will be always thankful to His Eminence for being part of our big day.

The venue - Schlosshof's Orangerie was just a dream come true. High ceilings, amazing window wall, palm leaves, park with a fountain and all that accompanied by a sunset, champagne, many laughs and light October breeze. It was a true blessing to see all our closest family and friends in this amazing place enjoying themselves, dancing, chatting and laughing.

A very important secret to maintaining the spontaneous feeling of our wedding were many vendors, who happen to be our lovely friends and who made even the preparation perfectly enjoyable at all times - talented and wonderful photographers Peter & Veronika, designer of the wedding dress His Majesty Boris Hanecka and his team, super-cool makeup artist Janka Olsinska and our sweet friend Vanessa, who agreed to be our wedding coordinator and made the day incredibly smooth with a non-stop smile on her face.