A Sun-Kissed Garden Engagement
June 12, 2017
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Monday mornings are tough - there's no debating that. But when you've got a ridiculously cute lovefest shot by The Ganeys at your fingertips, the day automatically looks so much better. Take a browse through the images and get to know this sweet duo, Michelle and Colton.
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From The Ganeys... Michelle and Colton are one of the sweetest couples! We met at Bok Tower for their sun-filled engagement session. Bok Tower Gardens is a hidden gem in Central Florida. These two were champs and totally rocked their session, even with the warm weather! They made each other laugh throughout the day with their fun-loving personalities!

Colton and Michelle met back in college. When Colton was ready to pop the question, he knew he had to plan something good. They were planning on heading out to California for a road trip after he passed the bar exam, so he determined this would be a great opportunity to propose (I mean, does it get any better than California?). While planning the trip, they were both looking forward to the stay in Big Sur the most.

It just so happens, that the day that Big Sur was on their schedule, there were crazy wild fires. As they left Santa Barbara, the hotel called and canceled their hotel room, as the fire was within 100 miles. Shortly after, the restaurant where they had reservations called with the same news. Of course, this was pretty much crushing Colton’s plans. He had even hired a photographer to capture the proposal.

The photographer was super helpful throughout the rest of the process. She dropped a pin and Colton and Michelle headed that way to watch the sun set. Michelle didn't pause to ask questions as they drove through a gated community. Needless to say, the proposal was a success and they have beautiful images to remember that moment!

These two are planning their December wedding and looking forward to celebrating with all of their family and friends!