All Our Secret Garden Dreams Are Coming True
June 7, 2017
RomanticGarden Weddings
When this Bride chose Leach Botanical Garden for her Portland wedding, she knew she wanted to enhance the natural beauty of the venue. With the help of her team of amazing vendors, the organic florals, the romantic calligraphy, and the pretty reception look like they belong. Peruse the gallery of photos by Jenny Losee and be transported to this secret garden worthy wedding.
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From Jenny Losee Photography... Sara, being the artist she is, put so much detail into her wedding. The small touches added beauty to an already beautiful day. Visiting Leach Botanical Garden is like being transported into the middle of a green, Hawaiian island or Jurassic Park! It was truly an honor to work beside so many creative talented people.

From the Bride... We planned to spend the weekend camping on the beach in Pacific City, Oregon with my siblings. We hiked up a bluff to get a view of the sunset on the ocean. Once we reached the top, Justin asked if my brother would take a picture of the two of us. Then Justin reached in his sandy shoe to grab the ring and popped the question! We are very thankful to my photographer brother who captured it all!

My mom and I were bridal dress shopping, and before we even spoke to an associate, we saw a gorgeous dress that stood out amongst a sea of white and ivory. We both walked over to it and admired it. Before I knew it, I was trying it on and fell in love. I am, perhaps, the most indecisive person I know, so I did a bit more shopping around but couldn't get the first dress out of my head; I just kept picturing myself in it. The dress was feminine and easy to wear – exactly what I was looking for!

My wedding flowers were incredible! I chose a very trusty florist with incredible talent. I gave up my control to let her design arrangements that had berries on the vine, herbs, mauve and blush touches, and greenery. The arrangements were whimsical, organic, lush, and sweet as could be. I wanted them to mimic a true garden, fruit and herbs and all!

I'm sure every Bride and Groom gets this feeling at some point in the day, but as we all sat down and began eating, I looked up and noticed all of our guests. I got choked up to the point of tears, as I couldn't fathom that all of our favorite people were in the same spot. It was humbling and wonderful, and I thanked God. I also shared a special moment with my mom away from everyone as we exchanged our notes to each other – that moment still touches me. It was emotional and heartfelt; it calmed me and gave me comfort in a bittersweet way.

Remember that it's your and your spouse's day, but don't forget that this is for your family and friends, too. Make yourself happy, but do keep in mind your spouse, parents, and everyone else who has done a lot to pitch in. On the day of your wedding, be in the moment always. Don't overthink the next step or how it will all turn out. The Bride and Groom are ultimately the ones who set the mood, so be attentive and live out the best day of your life. From the minute you wake up on your wedding day, soak it all in. Be attentive to what's going on around you, remember any last minute advice given to you, and receive all the kind compliments people pay you.