Your Honeymoon Destination Guide According to Your Zodiac Sign
June 5, 2017
When the wedding is over and it's time for just the two of you to celebrate, what's your plan? Sure you could go the traditional honeymoon route and go to some popular tropical location, but why not get creative and plan your honeymoon with the power of your zodiac sign?
Adventure is your thing and you need plenty of freedom to roam, so post-wedding trips that include physical challenges are important for you. Where there are thrills there's you, Aries, so plan a trip that gets your adrenaline pumping.

Good food and drink are all you need to be happy on your honeymoon. Of course, a nice massage wouldn't hurt...and a little shopping. A deluxe spa vacation to a warm locale will be the perfect cherry on the sundae of your wedding.

Your ideal honeymoon must be interesting. Plan a trip that engages your mind and where you will meet lots of new people. A cruise ship or guided tour can be a great way to spend your honeymoon in perfect Gemini style.
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Your sentimental connection means a honeymoon spent visiting a historical location like a country where your family has roots, or an ancient town you've always wanted to visit. Wherever it is, make sure you to connect to the past.

You want to play, to celebrate and most of all to have fun! Plan your honeymoon with fun in mind and all else will follow. What makes you laugh? Whatever it is, do lots of it on your honeymoon for a trip that you will remember.

As a lover of nature, your honeymoon plan must include time spent with plants, trees, and flowers. Service is one of your most important values, so think of a trip that will not only be fun for you, but also help others.

To have the best honeymoon, you need beauty. So seek out what you find beautiful in nature, art and life and plan your trip based on this. You also enjoy time to relax, so a spa trip with plenty of soothing treatments would be perfect.
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Although you would be happy locked in a bedroom with your mate for the duration of your honeymoon, if you do decide to venture out, make sure it's a place that has some depth. You don't like swimming in shallow waters, so maybe a diving vacation would suit your need for intensity?

For you, a honeymoon is one more opportunity to plan an adventure. You want to your relationship to grow and expand as an outcome of your trip, so choose wisely. You may take a trek to some foreign destination, or enjoy doing a couple's workshop of some kind.

You might be tempted to save your honeymoon money for a house down payment. And that's ok Capricorn, but if you do decide to take a trip, choose a location that feels safe and secure. You might even plan a "staycation," so you can save that money, but also enjoy time with your significant other.
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You'll want a honeymoon that is outside the box. If everyone else is doing one thing, you want to do something different. So try staying at unique locales like a cliff on the side of the mountain in Peru, or a tree house deep in the woods.

Your ideal honeymoon will involve a spiritual theme and preferably be near water. A yoga or meditation retreat on the beach is an option, but you also might enjoy a volunteer trip where you can share the compassion and kindness that is so much a part of you.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Fern Spring is an astrologer, wellness writer and owner of Wisestars Apothecary. She lives in Northern California with her dog and her guy in the beautiful West County of Sonoma.