Proteas + Peonies Make an Unexpectedly Perfect Mix
June 5, 2017
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The hair! The dress! The BOUQUET! All I can say about this wedding in Puerto Rico is yes, yes, yes! STEM Events outdid themselves with an unexpectedly amazing pairing of the Bride's favorite flowers, peonies and proteas, which pop against her delicate, lace gown. See more of this amazing fête by the beach in the Vault.
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From STEM Events... Sometimes you don't need to spend a lot on decor. A great dress, a historic hotel by the beach, and the perfect bouquet with close friends and families by your side can be extremely glamorous!

When I met Nancy a few months before her wedding at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, she mentioned to me that she wanted a big bouquet, and when I asked her what type of flowers she wanted, she told me this: "I love proteas and peonies!" I immediately wondered how I was going to make these two work together. The result was a bouquet unbelievable beautiful, very organic, and dramatic. I had a box full of proteas of different sizes, and I chose the biggest one. When Nanvy held her bouquet for her first time, she did it so gracefully (it was a very heavy bouquet)! The contrast of her delicate figure and beautiful dress against the bouquet with such dramatic mix of flowers made her looked like a professional model. She was the perfect bride.