Look No Further: Your Wedding Dress Decision Is Written In The Stars
May 31, 2017
It's your day and you want to look more than just good, you want to look amazing. So how do you find that perfect wedding dress, the one that makes your beauty shine, the dress that makes everyone gasp, the look that is yours and yours alone? Astrology can give you cosmic clues on finding the dress that fits your special elemental nature and enhances the most positive traits of your star sign.
Untraditional, bold and bright are your signature looks. You are pioneering and brave and you may want to reflect these qualities in your choice of a dress. So think of incorporating reds and purples, unique designs and modern touches into your look.

Sensual and soft are two of your most valued qualities in a dress. Look for fabrics like silk, satin and velvet. You also thrive on luxurious touches and so your dress may have unique embroidery, jewels or other special "extras" interwoven into your design.

Flirty and fun, you want a dress that allows you to circulate and talk to as many people at your wedding as you can. Look for a simple, intelligent design that may have some geometric touches. You appreciate a "smart" look over one that is too fussy.
Your romantic nature loves anything vintage. You'll be drawn to a more traditional look that incorporates the past. Mom or even Grandma's dress may be the perfect choice for you, especially if you have a strong attachment to your family.

Dramatic and luxurious are your key words and your dress needs to reflect your passionate, fiery nature. You'll want a top of the line design, no expense spared and a dress that maximizes all of your assets.

You love a clean natural look, so your best dress will incorporate fabrics like raw silk, bamboo or organic cotton and a hand dyed or one of a kind artisan design. Simple and green are your themes, with a focus on honoring the earth.

Balance, beauty and harmony are so important to you that your dress needs to be a work of art. If you don't actually design it yourself, you may commission a design. You want to feel feminine, but without too much fuss, so look for a classic design with a modern touch.
If anyone would wear a black dress it would be you, Scorpio. But you don't need to wear black to get in touch with your intense, smoky, sexy self. Just find a dress that accentuates your figure, while still leaving something to the imagination.

Your dress may reflect influences from your travels, or your spiritual or religious beliefs. If you are a more adventurous Sag, your gypsy nature will want to express itself through a wedding day look that is bohemian and fun.

If anyone chooses to wear a wedding pantsuit rather than a dress it would be you Capricorn. You are all the more tailored, sophisticated look. But since you also love glamour and tradition you may stick with a classic style wedding dress as well.

Unique, unconventional and outside the box, your wedding dress needs to be different from the norm. Look for a special design that no one else has, a new fabric or a look that is unusual and cutting edge and all will be well.
You will want a dress that has a touch of the magical to it. Something mysterious, dreamy and poetic. A soft bohemian look or something vintage with beautiful fabric will complement your mystical nature perfectly.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Fern Spring is an astrologer, wellness writer and flower essence practitioner from Northern California where she lives with her dog and her guy in the beautiful West County of Sonoma.