A Multicultural Summer Celebration in Tuscany
May 30, 2017
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With a Dutch groom and a Vietnamese bride living in Switzerland, this Tuscan destination wedding is truly a blend of cultures! The bride and groom enlisted the help of Trouwen in Toscane and FunkyBird Wedding Design to create their big day, and they incorporated each country represented in the couple's love story. From the ancient Italian hamlet which served as their venue to the pops of red – a lucky and celebratory color in the Vietnamese culture – in the floral arrangements, FunkyBird Photography captured these special details. See them all in the Vault!
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From Trouwen in Toscane... Although Nhi and Wesley are a Dutch/Vietnamese couple, they've lived their happy lives in Switzerland for years now and planned their Tuscan wedding from there. We guided them through the choice of the wedding venue and the wedding location, as they where not able to come to Tuscany to venue shop as most couples do, due to their busy jobs. As Borgo Petrognano is one of our favorite venues, it was the one we recommended to this beautiful couple along with the chapel of Semifonte, located just one kilometer from this ancient hamlet, which was the perfect location for the civil wedding. We feel really lucky to have know this fantastic couple, and we ere really happy that they trusted us to organize their whole wedding from a distance.

From FunkyBird Wedding Design...I love when a couple gives importance to the floral arrangements – in the end flowers really do make everything look so much more beautiful and richer. For the floral arrangements, Nhi and Wesley wanted a combination of lilac and peach with some brighter pops of color. The blossom bubble spray roses seemed like the perfect choice to start with. They're such delicate little garden roses, but at the same time they will bloom for quite a long time without water, making them a great choice for bouquets and accessories.

For the boutonnieres and corsages, we paired lilac lysianthus with small peach rosebuds. Whenever a couple wants a lilac/purple themed wedding, I think clematis flowers. Since they're climbers, they give lovely movement to any type of arrangement.

Clematis looked perfect in the bouquet, and we decided to add some miss piggy and peach avalanche roses. Since red is considered a lucky color in Vietnamese culture and is used for most celebrations, we added beautiful crocosmia stems to the ceremony arrangement and table flowers. Crocosmia has a golden yellow/orange base flowing into bright carmine red tips. Each stem has a lot of small blossoms and looks very cheerful yet delicate. 

Tall white candelabras with full arrangements on the top and glass vases at the bottom with flowers and candles were provided for each table at the reception. All together, we created a gorgeous and elegant look.

From FunkyBird Photography... It was really great and easy to work with Nhi and Wesley, especially because Nhi worked as a model in the past. The time passed quickly while photographing the two of them! This part of Tuscany is my favorite because there are so many places where you can take pictures, plus the lighting during late summer afternoons is beautiful and puts everything on an even higher level.