What's Worth the Splurge? Bliss Productions Has the Scoop
May 20, 2017
For most of us, planning our wedding means we have to adhere to a tight budget – meaning tough choices about what our priorities are for our special day. With so many details that go into planning a wedding, determining what aspects are worth the financial investment can feel overwhelming! So we turned to the pros for some planning advice; Bliss Productions Event Planning and Design is here to give us the scoop on what's actually worth the splurge. Check out some of their favorite, wow factor moments below!
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From Bliss Productions...When was the last time you bought a little something for yourself just for the heck of it? Maybe it was a new pair of shoes or that purse you have been eyeing for months. Whatever it was, that little splurge made you happy, and even the sensible voice in your head agrees that you made a good purchase.

When planning a wedding, brides often feel the pressures of making their wedding day unique and special on a budget, which will sometimes mean having to compromise one thing for another. But just like buying that designer purse, brides should invest in something for their wedding that makes them happy, something that they have always dreamed about, a statement piece that gives their wedding that wow factor.

A statement piece could be anything from a stunning accent wall to an impressive dessert table or even a horse drawn carriage. This piece should encompass the overall theme of your wedding and show off your personality. It is the perfect additional touch to making your wedding truly unique! This piece will not only be special to you, but it will also blow your guests away by the time and thought that went into creating it. It will make for a great topic of conversation and an even better backdrop for all of those wedding pictures. After all, who doesn’t want their wedding photos to end up on Pinterest?

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your statement piece and make it yours, that way it will really be worth the splurge.