How to Host the Ultimate Wedding Meets Vacay
May 17, 2017
Destination weddings are amazing. And not just because you get to rush off to paradise to say "I do" with your future hubs. That part's obviously awesome, but so is the vacation you're taking with all of your loved ones. Not sure how to host the perfect destination soiree? We've got you covered. From choosing the right locale to serving up the tasty treats, we're running down five fab steps to a crazy cool wedding meets vacay below.


First thing's first. You can't say "I do" without a fabulous locale, so when narrowing down your options for the perfect place to celebrate, making sure your venue is one part wedding central and one part fun-filled destination is key. Think relaxing on the beach with your loved ones in Hawaii, spa days with your fiancé in Napa, soaking in the views aboard the deck of a Disney Cruise Line or saying "I do" against a castle backdrop (or overlooking a savanna of African animals!) at Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons. And that's just a sample itinerary.

Photography: White Rabbit Photo Boutique


They say the more the merrier, and when it comes to tying the knot in paradise, that couldn't be more true. Because, honestly, what's more amazing than activity-filled days spent with your besties (did someone say paddle boarding?), followed by everyone you love witnessing you + yours making it official? Plus, who wouldn't love a little fun + relaxation, all in the name of love? Answer: no one.

Photography: Jose Villa


Your guests are traveling far and wide for the big day, so making sure they are pampered for the entire wedding week/weekend is an absolute must. Start by greeting them with welcome bags that really set the tone for your event... and provide them with items that will come in handy as they navigate all of the fun. We're talking bottled water, aspirin, sunblock and tasty treats from the area for a fabulous greeting they'll absolutely love.

Photography: KT Merry


Your wedding may be THE event of the weekend, but having an itinerary of fun-filled activities for all of your guests to enjoy is great, too. From surfing to sight seeing to hiking through the gorgeous scenery, you'll want to make sure your guests are staying busy... and that goes for you, too. I mean, calming those nerves with a picnic on the beach with the one you love? We call that awesome.

Photography: Jose Villa


The key to any great wedding + vacation? Bring those party shoes and get ready to celebrate. Whether that's a special dinner seaside with your fiancé, toasting those you love at your welcome party or simply kicking back with a Mai Tai on the beach, truly taking the time to relax and enjoy the most important moment of your life is so, so necessary. Which is why destination weddings are just so dang fabulous... and why finding a partner like Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons is beyond important. Someone who will handle all of the little details + planning, so you can literally be a guest at your own wedding. In other words? Hosting a destination wedding is the ultimate celebration + vacay all in one. And we LOVE.

Photography: Jose Villa