3 Simple Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Reflects the Real You
May 13, 2017
From Jill Kelly of Jillian Joseph Photography... If you’ve been to more than a handful of weddings, either as a guest or as part of the wedding party, you can most likely predict what the wedding day timeline will be and what key events will take place and in exact order. As a wedding photographer, I can tell you that many weddings, although beautiful, could be made even better if the couple infused more personality into the one day that is designed to celebrate them as a couple. My goal is to help you discover simple ways to personalize your wedding day so it reflects the real you rather than Pinterest trends.


SCENT - Think about what scents you’d like you and your guests to experience. Maybe it’s a particular flower that is popular during the season you had your first date, or fresh eucalyptus because it’s soothing. Scent doesn’t have to be restricted to your florals either. Don’t forget about the aroma of great entrees, a warm cappuccino bar, or the scent of cigars. What will your guests smell during your wedding celebration? Sweet Jasmine? Fresh Eucalyptus? Spicy Thai food? Is there a scent that is a trigger for a great memory you’ve shared together? Be creative.

TOUCH - You may be wondering how you could possibly incorporate a sense of touch into your wedding day, but it’s really quite easy and part of a full experience. You can add texture with bamboo chairs, wood tables, linens, a handmade cotton paper invitation suite, and even your attire.

SOUND - What is more reflective of you as a couple? An acoustic guitarist who plays while everyone mingles, a live jazz band, or maybe a rock band? Or maybe you both love the sounds of an acoustic guitar.

TASTE – It’s okay to incorporate dishes and appetizers that go beyond fish, chicken, or beef. It’s fun to include food that’s reflective of your respective cultures, or representative of the places you’ve traveled. Give your guests a great culinary experience that not only tastes amazing but also reflects some part of your relationship.

SIGHT – Where will your wedding celebration take place? For years, it was common to have your wedding in a church and a reception in a ballroom. And, yes, that’s still done and I have seen some ballrooms transformed into spaces that will leave you speechless. But I encourage you to sit down together and make a list of different locations you both feel at home in. Will you choose a venue with the view of the city, or vineyard in California, or the mountains in Colorado, or maybe in your parent’s backyard? Location definitely sets the tone for your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to consult with your planner to see if a not-so-commonly used space can be chosen for your wedding.


Home is where we spend much of our time. It’s often a sacred space we retreat to after a long day to relax, unwind, and entertain our friends and family in. It’s one place we can just be ourselves. Take a look around your home, or your ideal home, and observe the layout. Is it minimalistic in design with lot of open space or is it cozy with several layers and textures? What types of surfaces are in your home? Sleek chrome and tile floors or distressed wooden floors and marble counters? Your home décor is typically a good reflection of your aesthetic likes and dislikes, which makes it the perfect source for your wedding day inspiration. Consult an experienced wedding designer to help you infuse these aspects into your wedding design.


How you spend your free time is an important indicator of the overall feeling you should replicate at your wedding celebration. Who says you have to have a DJ or a 7-piece band with a four-hour reception? If you and your fiancée are a bit more reserved, maybe consider having a small and intimate wedding that spans the course of a weekend where you and your guests can indulge in some of the regional attractions. For example, spend a day wine tasting and apple picking or horseback riding in the mountains. Remember that your relationship is unique and your wedding celebration should be, too. Wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it should be enjoyable. Don’t underestimate the value that an experienced wedding planner and designer can contribute to your overall experience. However, you chose to celebrate your marriage vows, remember to celebrate each other each and every day.