Inspired by the Prettiest Shades of Gray in Tuscany
May 8, 2017
Gray is my favorite color, and Italy is my most beloved destination, so I'm obviously in love with every. single. image. of this Tuscany wedding inspiration session, captured by Thecablookfotolab. Between the gorgeous, gray silk dress and the romantic stationery suite, gray just might become your next obsession, too. Get lost in the beauty of it all right here.
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From Ekaterina of OhMarriage... Tuscany has always been an inspirational destination, but when we saw pictures of the small hotel near Florence – Valdirose – we immediately realized that this was the place where we definitely needed to have our shoot! It's so cozy, with lots of lovely details, textures, and shades. When we went there, we felt the special atmosphere of the place thanks to its owners, the wonderful Irene and Paolo Berni.

We organized the wedding dinner on the beautiful glass terrace of the house, inspired by textures and the simple interior of the space. We used shades of gray, ranging from light gray to almost black. We chose a dark turquoise hue for the accent color, which you'll see in the textured plates. In general, we focused on textures – non-uniformly dyed candles, stone-looking vases, and ceramic plates, calligraphy on textured watercolor paper.

Our bride was dressed in a neat cotton sundress and then changed into a simple wedding dress in our color palette – the slip, a dark gray silk, and the top, a sheer weightless tulle. The look was complemented by an accentual crown in silver with stylized vine leaves. For the groom, we chose a classic look – a dark suit and light shirt in a simple design. This emphasized the groom’s style and the concept of the shoot.

The ceremony took place in the beautiful olive tree grove next to the house. We arranged the ceremony near the outdoor, stone stairs and decorated with several baskets of grape leaves, roses, and hanging bunches of green grapes. We used the same florals for the bride's bouquet and the reception dinner, adding in lisianthuses, helleborus, and sweet peas. We ended the shoot in the Tuscan vineyards at sunset. What could be more romantic?