Whitney Bischoff Gets Real With Relationship Advice
May 5, 2017
When you date in front of a national audience a la The Bachelor, you learn a thing or two about the game of love. At least that's the case for our blogger bride, Whitney Bischoff who went on to find "the one" after her television debut. Today both Whitney and her fiancé, Ricky Angel are here to share their relationship words of wisdom, and you better believe these two are #RelationshipGoals to the max. Take it away, Whit and Ricky!

How did you know you'd found "the one"?

Ricky: I don’t know that there was a light bulb moment.

Whitney: I’m really upset there was no light bulb moment!

Ricky: Did you have a lightbulb moment?

Whitney: On our first date, I had told Ricky that one of my favorite songs was The Luckiest by Ben Folds. The weekend after our first date, I had to go out of town. I FaceTimed Ricky when I got to my hotel and when he answered he had his guitar and wouldn’t you know it he was teaching himself how to play The Luckiest. I just remember thinking to myself that this guy was different from anyone I’ve ever met.

Ricky: Now that I think about it, I kinda had an idea when you hammered that plate full of sliders 20 minutes into our first “drinks” date.

Whitney: SEE! I could be myself. I was hungry!

Ricky: No honestly, after our first date and we both were traveling, you were all that I was thinking about. And that was highly unusual.

(Fill in the blank) My favorite kind of date includes ___?

Ricky: Whitney. Wrigley Field. And a consistent beer vendor.

Whitney: Ricky. Lillie. Good wine. Good music. Lots of giggles and memories we can’t wait to tell our kids!

Tips to keep the wedding planning phase stress-free and fun?

Ricky: Don’t tell your fiancé “I don’t care." Ever! Even if your goal is to make her happy, make sure to communicate. Even if in your mind it doesn’t matter, understand that your opinion is still significant.

Whitney: Build a wedding team that understands your vision and who you can trust. TRUST is key. If your team doesn’t see your vision, you’re achieving nothing.

Best marriage advice you've received?

Whitney: I want to start with this one. If you always put your significant other before yourself. You are golden.

Ricky: The best advice we’ve ever received so far was actually not long term but with regards to our wedding reception. Include a sweetheart table to always have a place to come back to and realize you have each other not just for that one night, but forever.

The moment you're most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Ricky: Standing up at the altar, brother behind me and future brother-in-law ready to officiate our wedding. I'll be looking out at all our family and closest friends and then the processional music will start and Whitney will turn the corner arm-in-arm with Mamaw...not sure any man will ever have a wider smile than I will in that moment.

Whitney: I don’t think I can top that. I’m becoming an Angel!
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