A Tender Moment at This Vineyard Wedding
May 4, 2017
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Get ready for your heart to melt, because this intimate wedding at The Vineyard at 37 High Holly is too endearing for words. TRK Photography caught the bride and groom in a tender, pre-ceremony foot washing – what a display of love and service! Scroll on to see all the sweet moments.
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From TRK Photography... Ashley and Peter had decided that The Vineyard at 37 High Holly was where they wanted to be married, surrounded by friends and family. After several trips visiting relatives, they both agreed the backdrop of the vineyard wrapped in wild flowers would totally set the precedence for their wedding day. Also, the vineyard had accommodations for 28 of their friends and family.

The hand designed floral invitations set the stage for what was to come. Since Ashley and Peter had chosen a floral theme, Peter had found unique ties to snazzy up his gentleman. The bride and her 'maids all wore delicate floral arm bands – a new alternative to a bouquet. Prior to the ceremony, Ashley and Peter wanted to create a moment just for themselves. The washing of the feet ceremony was one of the most warm and raw moments that we've ever witnessed. Our beautiful bride had another surprise for us as she changed out of her simple beaded gown into a two-piece, tulle blush skirt and crop top. Her wardrobe had her groom grinning from ear to ear.

The ceremony was beautiful with vines laced with rows of red and green. The vines were full and ready to harvest. This small vineyard only produces roughly 500 cases of wine a year to keep its special and intimate feel. The guests were then guided to a large pavilion were Ashley and Peter danced the night away. The reception was inspired by the beauty this venue had provided. Wild flowers and the purity of the crops added a fun look to the bride and groom's table, along with antique floral plates.