Ultra Romantic Wedding Inspiration in Old Havana
April 26, 2017
I could just lie in these pics all day long, surrounded by the fabric and florals and so, so much beauty. Between the classic old Havana spirit and the gorgeous work by Designs by Hemingway, this shoot from Matthew Ree's workshop in Cuba earlier this year is pure magic. Sit back, relax and travel back to a place with dreamy dresses, stunning sites and more - all in our Vault right this way!
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From Matthew Ree... We had attendees from all over the US and England attend our first photography workshop in Havana, Cuba. This was our second trip to Cuba in one year and we saw changes right away. Upon landing, we noticed a new terminal in the airport for all the exploding arrivals coming from the US. In the city of Havana, there were new hotels being built, tour buses on all major roads, and the American tourists from cruise boats were flooding the streets of Old Havana. If you want to see Havana before it really changes, plan a trip now!

We are still in love with the romance and charm of this cultural city. The weathered patina colors of buildings, amazing textures, patterned tiles, and narrow streets are like no where else. The ombre glow at sunset is beautiful against dilapidated grandeur buildings of era’s past. It really is a photographer’s dream come true to be there now before the big changes come. All the attendees were mesmerized by its charm. Cuba has a way of making you immediately feel like you have stepped back into a time warp. We had four days with all the photographers styling shoots around the city during the day and riding around in vintage cars at night exploring some of the city’s best paladors.