A Summer Island Wedding Set in Mykonos
April 25, 2017
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Mykonos might be the prettiest Greek island I've ever laid eyes on, but it's also known as the island of the wind. That windswept beauty could not have more perfect for this outdoor wedding and photographer extraordinaire, Elias Kordelakos, captured every bit of magic behind his lens.
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From the photographer... Mykonos is one of the most renowned Greek islands! It's also known as the island of the winds. The light and color of this Greek island though, makes it the perfect destination for a wedding day. And what a wedding this one was. Italian finesse meets Greek-cypriot temperament. 

During the bride’s getting ready, I witnessed a cypriot custom called “Zosmata”. They put a red ribbon around the bride for 3 times to wish her prosperity and fertility. A very strong and emotional moment for the guests and the bride! The wedding ceremony was held at the church inside the hotel which was very picturesque.