An Indian Engagement Shoot That'll Leave You Speechless
April 19, 2017
With most of the Groom-to-be's family in India, these future newlyweds traveled there for a small engagement party pre-wedding... but no party is exactly small in India. Add in some absolutely gorgeous gold gowns, stunning views and even an elephant, and we have an engagement celebration that'll leave you speechless. Luckily Brumley & Wells tagged along to capture all the beauty for us to enjoy as well - see every moment in our Vault right this way!
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From Brumley & Wells... Because most of David's family still lives in India, David and Ali knew they wanted to have a small engagement party in Kerala, where their family could meet Ali and celebrate their upcoming marriage and their future lives together. In India, however, there is no such thing as a small party. David's uncle took to planning the gathering, and the evening escalated into a massive celebration, complete with an elephant, a traditional parading of the groom, dancers, musicians, and a feast for hundreds of family members and friends. It was such an honor to be there, and to witness not only the traditional Indian ceremony, but also the kindness and hospitality of the entire family.