How to Infuse Your Wedding Day with All Out Romance
April 19, 2017
If you're on the hunt for ideas that will take your wedding day to next level romance, then this photo shoot has your number. Designed and planned by Sara Weir Photography with soft pastel blooms at every turn by Lucca Floral Co. and the loveliest calligraphy stationery by Alley and Co., see what goes into the makings of a wedding day style as gorgeous as they come. It all starts with that floral appliqué dress and just gets better and better.
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This shoot stemmed from a wish to create something absolutely romantic. From the soft drape of silk napkins, the full floral bouquet, to the delicate floral appliqué of her gown, I wanted every detail to be soft and communicate romance. I loved contrasting that softness with the wild of her natural surroundings and textured hair. It created a such a beautiful balance!
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