Wedding Inspiration Designed to Stand the Test of Time
April 17, 2017
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Trends come and go, but as this inspiration shoot proves, the right design will remain timeless forever. Think soft neutrals, lush florals, and layers of romantic textures all set at Hacienda Sarria. Event planner, Rainbow Chan orchestrated the design and Rhythm Photography + SDE Weddings captured the photos and film that are about to unfold - enjoy!
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A timeless treasure, an eternal aesthetic, an essence of pure beauty to stand the test of time. Bringing forth an ageless artistic aura to the full sensual embrace of the senses; conjuring the everlasting artistic appeal to the essential elements of simplicity, elegance, and charm. This perfectly selected ensemble; of soft tones, an ever-beautifying assembly of styles and an atmosphere delicately crafted to captivate and uplift the spirit, had been the principal inspiration for our latest style shoot, “Timeless Romance”.

To truly capture this ‘timeless’ appeal in its most essential form, we had chosen the silence of a solemn villa; Kitchener-Waterloo’s very own Hacienda Sarria, a classical Spanish hacienda that echoes age-old architectural motifs from ancient Rome to the modern villa.

Though to truly piece together something that’s genuinely “timeless”, our stylists had meticulously brought together an array of stylistic elements that formed the core of what made our style shoot’s set magical; and what would irrevocably create a timeless and romantic wedding setting. A selection of beautifully flowing, soft and sensual wedding gowns care of Sash and Bustle, chosen in their simplicity of design to compliment the grand thematic colour palette of the style shoot; of light tones of carnation pink, the softest beige and the most delicate hues of golden yellow and brilliant green in consort with perfectly placed foliage and floral finishing strewn about to give the setting an everlastingly elegant quality.

As for the numerous accessories and ornaments, our stylists had chosen a natural look for the dining table and chairs; incorporating a rustic wooden tabletop complimented by shimmering gold flatware and daintily placed tableware set amidst a stunning microcosm of floral arrangements, candlelight and accessories that serve to set a light-hearted and romantic mood to the wedding day ensemble. And from the gorgeously placed candlelight adornments, a beautiful wedding cake to match the overarching aesthetic of the style shoot, and plentiful accompanying greenery and floral furnishings lovingly arranged in perfect placements, our “Timeless Romance” style shoot is more than enough to truly stand the test of time.