Here's What Happens When Someone Actually Says "I Object" at a Wedding
April 17, 2017
You know in movie weddings when the officiant says, "If anyone objects to the union of these two people, speak now or forever hold your peace?" Well, what happens in real life when someone actually objects? That's what Redditor OneInAZillion wondered when they asked the online community, "Redditors who have objected at weddings or seen someone object, what happened in the next 5 minutes?" Read the crazy responses below!
"This happened at one of my friend's sibling's weddings. Her parents are suuuuper conservative and hadn't gotten the chance to know the daughter's fiancé very well before they got married. In their minds all that was relevant about him was that he was 10 years older than her and had been previously divorced. They had made subtle and not-so-subtle comments here and there before the wedding that they weren't happy about it. It should have been a forewarning of what was to come. The day of the wedding, everything was beautiful. Friend's sister and her fiancé were ecstatic to be getting married and invited friends and family from both sides to their outdoor wedding. All was going well, until the preacher asks the audience if anyone has objections to why they should get married.... and as serious as can be, dad of the bride stands up and says "her mother and I object," and then after a long hesitation sits back down. Silence. No one can believe that that just happened. Not knowing exactly how to handle it, the preacher just says "ok" and finishes the ceremony as planned. I can't even imagine how the bride and groom must have felt. My friend says the tension in the room was unbelievable. But they got married all the same... they just do a lot of avoiding the ILs as one might imagine.." reimaginingme
"My dad marrying his third wife. My step brother and I were in the wedding party. He was about 6, I was 10. The preacher asks if anyone objects and my brother raises his hand so very politely. My dad asks why, and my step brother replies, "because I want you to promise to take me fishing whenever I want, first." Southern_Kisses

"Not really an objection, but a friend of mine works at a wedding venue. She told me about one wedding where the best man made some jokes in his speech about the time that he slept with the bride. He assumed that the groom already knew about it... he didn't. Groom was NOT happy, the reception ended up getting cancelled and all the guests were sent home." RainbowRedRose
“When the pastor got to the part ‘or forever hold your peace,’ the bride said, ‘Yes, I’d like to say something.’ Then she turned around to her guests and said, ‘I’d like to thank my maid of honor for sleeping with my fiancé last night.’ With that, she threw her bouquet and stormed off. The story even made it on the radio at the time.” PTSDPillowGuy

"My brother in laws boss decided to rock up and yell "yeah mate, I gotta speak my peace... oh sorry mate, wrong wedding!" .... everyone laughed except my brother in law who was pretty pissed." Redcap1981

"I was at a college buddies wedding when a drunken childhood friend of the bride tried to stand up and profess his love for her. The bride's father immediately stood up and tried to haul off said drunken guy by the ear, except he was so pissed he pulled too hard and partially severed the guy's ear. I was also pretty tipsy and laughed a little too hard when the dude screamed like a small girl, but I was not the only one. A few people even applauded." ilickvarts
"I have a very large extended family, mom has 6 brothers and 3 sisters. When Uncle C (the 4th son) got married, it was fairly obvious that most of his siblings didn't care for his wife-to-be. The day before the wedding, Uncle C got hurt at work, sliced open his hand and needed a lot of stitches. He was given very strong pain killers. During the ceremony, Uncle C was high on painkillers and started to feel light headed. While in the middle of saying their vows, he began to wander off stage, and my Uncle L stood up and began cheering. Uncle L then shouted, "Atta boy, C!" L's wife pulled him back into the pew and shushed him. Later in the ceremony, Uncle C and his wife were kneeling in the church doing some prayer thing. As Uncle C was facing away from the guests, everyone could see the bottoms of his shoes. One of my uncles had painted "HELP ME" on the soles of his dress shoes." babadook_dook_dook
"Went to a wedding for some friends of mine. Beautiful bride and awesome groom where saying the vows. Unbeknownst to the family, the brides ex-boyfriend snuck into the church all dressed up as a guest and blended in. Priest says his line, and the ex boyfriend stands up and says "I object!" Some of the male family members escorted the guy out of the church by his feet and his back and head dragging on the ground. Was pretty epic." mrsheikh

"Apparently when I was a 1-2 year old baby at my aunt and uncle's wedding and when they asked if anyone objected I started screaming and crying. I get reminded of that every so often because it's hilarious." TreBomBardMent