This Modern Rooftop Wedding is the Epitome of Chic
April 13, 2017
ModernEaterySummer Weddings
A modern rooftop eatery with dazzling views of Toronto seems like the perfect spot for getting married. Especially with Grooms as stylish as they come. You can't beat this sleek, design savvy backdrop nor can you deny the insane adorableness of this duo's pup, Cleo, who inspired a cookie bar. It's all tucked inside the festivities crafted by Cynthia Martyn Fine Events along with the prettiest green infused blooms by Fresh Florals and images by Mango Studios. Find even more right here.
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From Mango Studios... When I first met Kyle and Brandon, I knew they would throw a chic, downtown wedding in Toronto. Both are very stylish and have great taste in fashion, music and art. I really enjoyed spending the entire day with them talking about their favourite food, places they love to visit in Toronto and travel. As a wedding photographer, it’s important to me to get to know my couple’s and try to capture their personalities in photos. Wedding photographs are the only long-lasting, tangible memories of the day, so I make it my number one priority to capture the essence, true feelings and real, beautiful personalities of the people I work with. It’s also important to me that I capture the wedding day as it unfolds, directing the moments rather than fabricating them. That is why I loved how Kyle and Brandon chose to do their first look. They stood on both sides of the hotel room wall, Kyle nervously fixing his suit and Brandon waiting for my signal to enter the room. Once settled, Brandon pushed the door and stepped into the bedroom where Kyle was standing, crying happily to see his fiancé. It was a very special, beautiful moment. We stayed on either side of the wall, keeping our distance not to disturb the moment’s intimacy. Keeping that distance, yet having a great vantage point enabled us to capture the entire scene in its complexity and beauty.

The glamorous restaurant, The Chase, was a perfect backdrop for their celebration. The ever talented Cynthia Martyn worked her magic complementing the venue’s rustic elements and transforming the location into an elegant, tasteful space that was as charming and classy as the couple. The best part of the day? Kyle and Brandon’s good friend singing a song for them during reception. It was a very emotional, happy day and I’m so grateful to be a part of such a beautiful celebration. Kyle and Brandon, thank you so much for making me feel like a part of your family and I wish you long years of happy marriage!