The Ultimate Rustic Chic Homestead Wedding
April 13, 2017
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For Tara and Larry, their wedding wishes came down to a day full of love and family. They decided on a celebration in Montana as a nod to their long line of farming and ranching families, plus a shared love for the great outdoors. Greenwood Events designed unique florals for the occasion and Orange Photographie captured in true fine art fashion. More to see this way in the gallery.
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From the Bride... Larry and I currently live in San Francisco, but we both wanted a rustic wedding with a barn that would be close for both of our large families to attend. Larry always says that Montana is "God's Country" and we found the perfect location at Weatherwood Homestead. Larry is from a long line of farming and ranching families from Montana and I am from North Dakota. Our wedding was the perfect combination of our heritages and love for the outdoors. Montana was a dream location of my husband's and it all fell together beautifully.

My inspiration was to create a day full of love and family, which reflected the elements of our relationship and our heritages. We wanted to create a rustic wedding with soft blushing colors and local elements. I sought a whimsical, flowing and soft feel to all the flowers, clothing and decorations. The bay leafs were an important symbol for us, because on our first date, which involved a run on Mount Tamalpais near San Francisco. While running, we were talking about the medicinal power of plants. Just then Larry pulled a bay leaf from a tree and gave it to me, asking if I knew what it was. To this day, every time Larry goes for a run or we are on a hike together, he will pick a bay leaf for me.

Our wedding was truly the most perfect day of our lives thus far. We were married on the blue moon and we were blessed with the most beautiful 5 days. While the day of our wedding was the most perfect day, leading up the wedding we arranged fly fishing, a boat ride on Lake McDonald, a Rodeo at the Blue Moon Rodeo, horseback riding, a hike, a ride up the gondola at the big mountain to see the blue moon and receive a blessing at sunset. All of these events brought our guest from around the world so close that by the day of our wedding it felt like our already large families (I am one of 8 children and Larry one of 4 children).

Of course like every bride, I thought my wedding was the most beautiful ever. Yet, more importantly, I was so happy because all the planning was so easy that it almost seemed as if the heavens opened up and gave us ease at every corner and more importantly gave us a perfect few days of sunshine and love. The ease in how it all the details came together so perfectly only reaffirmed to us that our marriage was meant to be. We felt overwhelmingly loved with our big families and wonderful friends there to support us.
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