DIY Faux Calligraphy Wedding Thank You Envelopes
April 13, 2017
So you've done it. They asked and you said yes (smiling wildly and trying not to ugly-cry). The wedding day comes and goes beautifully, and you thank your guests with party favors. You can call it a day at that. However, surprising them with snail mail sharing what they mean to you can be the perfect happily ever after. And good news for you - it's easy to address the envelopes using... faux calligraphy!

Calligraphy with a pen and nib is stunning but time-consuming to do en masse. Faux calligraphy can be picked up with a few easy steps, is simpler to do, and can be done with materials you have lying around your house! Put on your favorite movie, brew your favorite drink and get started!


  • Pencil

  • Micron Pen/Fine Point Sharpie

  • Graph Paper

  • Envelope & Card


Sketch out the style and layout you want for the envelope. This piece works great as a reference point when you're working on your, say, hundredth thank you note!

Tip: When writing the name, leave a wider space in between each letter than you normally would. This allows you to add in the thicker strokes later and prevents it from looking cramped.

Thicken your strokes to mimic that calligraphy gorgeousness! The strokes where your hand physically moves upwards should be more delicate than the heavier strokes where your hand moves down the page to write a letter.

Tip: The thickness of the stroke is up to you, but make the thickness consistent across the board, with the ends connecting smoothly into one another for a professional look!

Add in the extra strokes with your pencil and fill it in when you're satisfied!

Commit to it with pen! Trace what you created on the graph paper so that no matter what you do, you won't ruin your reference piece. Fill out the rest of the address to see how to format the lettering.

Make it rain - with gorgeous envelopes, of course! Keep the previous tips in mind and address the envelopes with love and care.

And that's it! Take a few minutes each day and write as many thank-you cards as you can during that time. Personalize the envelopes and notes to thank friends and family not only for their presents, but more for their presence in your life. This sounds daunting, especially if you had many guests, but just take it one day at a time, a few at a time, and send out happy mail beautifully done with your faux calligraphy! They'll treasure it and the time you took to remember them and your relationship.

Style Me Pretty Contributor: Jessica Koltun is a freelance hand letterer and graphic designer based in the San Francisco bay area.  When she isn’t sketching out fresh ideas, she can be found reading a good book with cup of tea in hand, spending time with family, or exploring the mountains with her photographer husband.