Intimate Ceremony On The Top Of A Mountain
April 4, 2017
Tri State
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There is nothing more romantic than a wedding ceremony on top of a mountain with breathtaking views! And that's exactly what this couple decided to do with their closest friends and family and an incredible backdrop -- Whiteface Mountain in New York. One of the most important factors to the couple was photography as they wanted images that told a story that would last a lifetime. After just one glance at this gallery, all captured by Alexandra Meseke Photography, this couple undoubtedly got their wish!
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From the groom... Prior to actual wedding planning, we discussed what type of wedding we thought we would want. Initially we intended on a larger sized wedding with all our friends and family as most people tend to do. Not only did we have to decide on the size of the wedding, but also the location as we were living in Texas and Brittany’s family is from Texas but my family is from New York. Because I have a larger family, we decided to have the wedding in New York with a separate reception party in Texas when we returned. While visiting family in New York, we began our wedding venue hunt. We had found a venue that we liked and were planning on that site; however, because of poor communication with the venue’s coordinator and not being able to hear back from her in a timely manner we decided not to go with that venue. So the hunt continued.

One factor of utmost importance to us was the photographers. We wanted to have our magical day captured in a way that told a story and not just still images pulled out of moments in time. While researching photographers in the New York area, we noticed some venues that appealed to us in their pictures. We were thinking about alternative solutions, when we remembered seeing a wedding that was shot on the top of some mountain while we were researching photographers. We went back and looked at those pictures and saw that they were done on Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington, New York. From that point on, our idea of a big wedding completely shifted. We decided that we would rather have a small intimate ceremony with only our closest family along with groomsmen and bridesmaids. When we brought this idea to our parents, none of them thought it was a good idea, but we decided to do what made us happy and what we wanted. We wanted our wedding to be relaxed, not overwhelming, and most importantly centered on us. We had the wedding in the middle of the week in order to better coordinate with the photographer. We planned a private dinner with music after at the banquet hall of the Hotel Northwoods, which is where we were staying. That weekend we had a “reception” in my home town with all my family and friends. A month later, we had the “Texas reception.”

We went for a neutral color pattern focused around grays, browns, and blush in a simple style. One unique element to our wedding was rather than having a unity candle or the sand pouring, we decided to plant a tree. We researched different trees and decided on a scarlet red maple, which we would later plant at my parents’ house so we could watch our tree grow as our relationship does. We brought soil from Texas and soil from New York to pour into the pot at the ceremony. Brittany loves classical music and jazz. We used a Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker for the entrance songs and did our own music on her father’s PA system using Spotify for the dinner. 

One of my favorite moments of the wedding was when my wife’s vail took flight in the middle of the ceremony. Luckily the vail did not completely blow off the mountain and was able to be retrieved. Brittany’s favorite moment was after the rest of the wedding party and guests had departed the mountain and only we and the photographers remained. Our photographers had us dance together on the top of the mountain, and they took pictures while I spun, dipped, and embraced my wife. Collectively, we really enjoyed our photographers. They were the best people we coordinated with throughout the entire planning process and really made the entire wedding experience so much better.

The flowers came from Lake Placid Flower and Gift Company. Initially my wife wanted peonies; however, at the time of our wedding, they were out of season and would have been quite expensive to get. She decided to go with garden roses instead and could not have been happier with that decision. The dress came from BHLDN in Houston, Texas. The dress fit my wife’s simple yet elegant style. In addition to the dress feeling right, her experience at that shop far surpassed any other shop. She felt like her wants and needs were being addressed, which was not the case at other shops.

Advice to Future Brides: Do what makes you and your husband happy. Forget everyone else, after all this day is about you two. That often can get lost in the planning and coordinating and the feeling that everyone else has to have what they want. In the end it is about you and your husband.