A Celeb Stylist Reveals Hacks for Your Best Hair Day Ever
April 2, 2017
With an impressive list of celebrity clients like Sofia Vergara and Kelly Ripa, Oscar Blandi certainly knows all the secrets to a perfect hair day. Whether you're looking to fake your way to voluminous waves or planning that pre-wedding hair routine, he's got you covered with insider tips of the trade. Go ahead and bookmark this for your big day (and every day!)

What's trending right now in bridal hair?

The updo for brides is a classic that I don’t think it will ever go out of style. However, I’ve noticed brides want updos that are more relaxed and romantic.

Favorite products to get hair wedding day ready?

Using a good shampoo and conditioner is key, especially if you have color-treated hair. Make sure that you’re using a good quality deep conditioner to keep your hair moist for the big day. Similar to the way you moisturize your skin to keep it looking supple under makeup, do the same thing to your hair.

Also, continue to get regular cuts leading up to the day. Even if you want your hair to be long, you want it to be healthy! My recommendation is every 4-6 weeks for a healthy look.

Any tricks for faking your way to voluminous hair?

Mousse and hairspray are always the best product to the lift the roots and create the illusion of thicker hair - that’s what they are created for. I also incorporate a bit of oil in the mix when working with a mousse to soften up the look and make it less rigid so as the day goes on, the hair will fall in a natural way.

The go-to styling tools you swear by?

Rollers or a curling iron, both give the hair good body.

To hairspray or not to hairspray?

Use a mousse or hairspray that doesn’t contain too much alcohol (which can result in hair looking "crunchy"), and again mix a little oil with the mousse. The hair will still hold but will have a softer appearance. Trust me, it works!

-Oscar Blandi, Celebrity Stylist and Founder of Oscar Blandi Salon, New York City