With A Proposal Story This Sweet, You'd Know The Wedding Would Be Even Sweeter
March 29, 2017
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I'm a sucker for a good proposal story and after reading this bride's account of how the groom popped the question, I knew this wedding would be one full of love! With a clean color palette and soft florals that perfectly complimented the natural greenery of the venue, this wedding design felt very fresh and romantic. Every detail of the day from the bride's gorgeous lace gown to the adorable succulent favors was captured by Sheradee Hurst Photography!
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From the photographer... This lovely fall ceremony was framed by the beautiful landscape of Fall in Oklahoma. Natiel, the bride, chose a dress with a low cut back and lace. She completed the look with floral as a head piece. Natiel tied in the courtyard look with every organic detail including whites, soft pastels, and succulents. Even her bridal bouquet had lively succulents in it. The couple also gave each guest their own succulent to take home and grow. A cocktail hour was hosted on the front lawn as the sun set in Oklahoma, guests played games and had theme drinks while the couple finished their family photos. Inside the historical Dominion House, the reception was stunning! The cake table was an arrangement of cakes and cupcakes displayed on natural wood. The couple took to the dance floor in matching wedding Nikes that were solid white with a gold swoosh. This athletic, fun loving couple also had a choreographed dance involving all of their wedding party and many friends. At the end of the night the dance floor was packed from one end to the other with joyful choreographed dancing.

From the bride... Jon and I have dated for 7 years. We have come to know each other quite well over this time period, however, he was able to surprise me with the biggest and best question of them all on Memorial Day weekend, 2016. I had just thrown a surprise party that Friday night for his 30th birthday with friends that were in town, unexpectedly there were more than I imagined for a holiday weekend. Come to find out later they knew about what was to come, so they were sticking around for another surprise that weekend. Fast forward to Saturday. We had just celebrated his birthday week and he mentioned that we should celebrate mine that weekend as we would be out of town next week for mine. So Saturday I had to do some errands, one of them being get an oil change. This worked out perfect for Jon, as he so graciously took my car to do this chore for me that morning. I then had no means to get around for the day except with him, so as we went to the gym together and ran some errands, his friends and our families who came in town were getting the surprise engagement party ready.

Later that afternoon he dropped me off at my house to get ready for my "birthday dinner". All the while he and his roommates are setting up. So once I was ready for dinner Jon comes over to get ready to go for our reservations. He tells me unfortunately he made them for an hour later than he thought so he asked if I wanted some wine and cheese as we like to do for special occasions. He ironically had gotten us a picnic basket for Valentine's Day and this was the perfect time to use this. We loaded up the basket and went down to the park by my house on a beautiful, sunny, May day. There was already a blanket, wine glasses, and a cheese platter set out, in addition to a present which seemed appropriate as it was a birthday celebration, but also slightly out of the ordinary for us as far as the setting. So we sat down for some wine and he brings out my first gift which was a traveling notebook, as I enjoy journaling when I explore new and exciting places. However there was more to the pages then just potential for writing, he proceeded to open the book and go through our journeys together over the course of the last seven years with pictures and short notes about each significant memory. Upon reaching the end, he listed future hopes and dreams of travel together, and finally at the end had me stand up and close my eyes for the last gift. When he asked me to open my eyes he was down on one knee with the notebook open to the last page, "Will you marry me?" He had his best friend behind a tree photographing our engagement and elation from this joyous moment. We celebrated with hidden champagne for the momentous occasion.

Jon then asked if we wanted to go get some dinner as the reservations were fake, quickly before we headed to a small gathering of a "few friends" that were still in town. We headed to our friend's house for we knew we could snack there and call for takeout later. Upon arriving to the home, I opened the door thinking it would be a few friends sitting on the couch watching tv or conversing. Instead I open the door to a large SURPRISE!!!! And all of our close family and friends both local and out of town. It was a grand surprise engagement party filled with as much excited energy and love as we had for the beginning of our new life together. It was the perfect ending to a day I will never forget, and perfect beginning to the rest of our lives together.