Pop the Question to Your Bridesmaids with These 6 Chic DIY Ideas
March 22, 2017
An engagement all starts with that one simple yet magical question: "Will you marry me?" And while these four words will undoubtedly form the most significant question your groom will ever ask, it is actually only the first of many proposals that will define this beautiful season of your life! Before long, after the initial excitement and surprise has worn off, you (as a newly minted bride-to-be) will begin to realize you have one pretty major question to pop yourself!
Yes, we're talking about your bridesmaids. These are the girls that have seen you through all of your ups and downs that life has to offer. They have been there to support you through your struggles, and to celebrate you through your successes. You, of course, want to invite them to share in your special day in a way that they will remember forever. But if you find that you are drawing a blank on the perfect way to pop the question to your girls, no worries! We have rounded up 6 of the chicest ways to ask your besties to be there for you, and the best part is, they are all fun, unique, and completely DIY status!

Curate a Custom Goodie Box

Assembling a custom bridesmaid box from scratch can be the ultimate way to ask your friends to come along for your wedding ride. Not only can you personalize this gift depending on each girl's individual personality, but it is also a great shipping-friendly option for those pals who live out of town. Throw in items such as your favorite bottle of wine, monogrammed knick-knacks like tumblers and ring trays, jewelry to wear on the day-of, or even something as simple as paint chips representing your wedding colors.

Say it with Champagne

Sometimes the best way to pop the question is none other than popping open some fresh, crisp bubbly! Gifting a bottle (or mini bottles) of your preferred champs to your favorites is a light-hearted, classy, and celebratory gesture that will most definitely get your friends on board with the wedding vibes. And if you want to add a little more of a DIY touch, hit up the pages of Etsy for custom-made champagne labels, available in an entire range of designs and easily applied to any glass bottle. Your maids will love to show off their own personalized bottles as they enjoy champagne specifically chosen by you.

Put a Pen to Paper

What is more DIY than writing a lovely note to each one of your gals on beautiful stationary? Not only is this route super glam and traditional, but it also lets you express your gratitude in a way that is genuine and truly from the heart. Including funny memories, inside jokes, and other special reasons about why she is so important to you will help to make this handwritten 'proposal' note one-of-a-kind. Plus, it will serve as an amazing wedding souvenir that your friend can cherish forever.

Plan a Luxe Surprise

If you are able to swing it (and are good at keeping a secret), plan an enjoyable excursion so you can pop the question to all of your bridesmaids at the same time. This is the best way to create a shared experience that you are all guaranteed to rave about for months to come. Whether you want to host a quaint Sunday brunch at home, schedule a full-on spa day, or even organize an elegant group dinner at your favorite local hot-spot, the sky is the limit when it comes to planning a luxe surprise.

Sweet Treats for the Win

Let's be honest, who doesn't have a sweet tooth? Presenting your maids with a scrumptious sweet treat is always a popular tactic when asking the big question. Whether it is an iced cupcake made in your own kitchen, an adorably decorated batch of custom cookies from a chic bakery, or even a mini bag of rosé gummie bears, there is always something for everyone when it comes to sugar.

If All Else Fails, Confetti!

And if you are still finding yourself stumped on swanky ways to pop the question to your closest gal pals, remember that you can never go wrong with confetti! It is bright, shiny, and always gets people in the mood to celebrate. Stuff some party confetti in an envelope along with your handwritten letter, or in your specially curated goodie box for an added surprise. In the end, no matter what way you decide to ask your best girls, unwrapping any of these chic options will certainly induce tons of smiles and excitement, and it will absolutely set the tone for the best time of your life!

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Adrienne Holland is a freelance writer and watercolor artist based in Greensboro, North Carolina. When she isn't working on a new piece, she can be found redesigning rooms in her cottage, spending time outdoors with her boyfriend and lovable border collie, or with her friends overusing Snapchat filters.