The Dreamiest Alfresco Wedding by the Lake
March 21, 2017
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This Bride knows just how to build a Dream Team of vendors and her Washington wedding to the love of her life is the living proof.  With flowers turned art and the prettiest of lakeside details crafted by Sinclair & Moore, plus snapshots by Maria Lamb that are so gorgeous, they are begging for a gallery wall display, this celebration is about to suck you right in.
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From the Bride... I started out wedding planning with the top three things that were most important to me, then went from there. 1. Dress: I wanted something unique that would really stand out in the crowd, high quality materials, trendy but timeless, and comfortable. When I went into Le Salon Couture in Seattle the Julie Vino Martina Dress immediately caught my eye, It was the first dress I tried on at the store and every dress after that I was comparing it to the Martina. I guess that's when you know its the ONE! Another stand out about the experience was the great customer service. It can be hard to come by, but when you come across people that are really living out their passion you know you are in good hands. Alexis the owner gives 100% of her attention to each of her brides and really goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable throughout the process.

2. Photographer: We changed our Wedding date to book our photographer, and it was one of the best decisions! All I can say is, the power of social media. I found Maria Lamb on Instagram! It was instant gravitation. So dreamy and organic, was my first thought. I love that she shoots both film and digital to really capture the mood and setting your in. I love her ability to see the finer small details along with the big picture, and also capture what you may think is a simple background and transform it into an amazing piece of art! She really is just a genius behind that lens and a truly a gifted photographer. Maria puts her heart and soul into her work and it undeniably shows. Not to mention she is a joy to work with, and makes you feel comfortable in sometimes not so organic situations(slow dancing in the woods). Again, one of the best wedding planning decisions to book Maria. Now I just have to figure out what other life event I'll have next for an excuse to work with her again!

3. Design/Florals: Call me crazy but if florals and table designs could talk, Sinclair and Moore's Designs are telling a story. When I came across their wedding designs I was blown away. Steve Moore is such an innovator in his field and definitely sets the standard high in the industry. Being an artist myself, I know if your put in a box of too many requirements it's more challenging to let the artistic mind flow. So with that, I gave a few things I was interested in and told Steve to have at it and to create whatever he wanted. While doing an event he created a mock up of the floral design and it was absolutely gorgeous and more beautiful than I could ever imagined. Perfection! So easy to work with, can't say enough good things about the experience I've had with Sinclair and Moore Events.

In conclusion, I have THE Dream Team and I feel so grateful. Jay and I met 6 1/2 years ago through friends. Definitely was smitten at first sight! We dated for a month, took a month off, and by the third month became inseparable and the rest is history! On our four year anniversary we took a trip down to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It was a pretty memorable vacation to say the least. Tanning, Sun, Drinks, Tacos, Sick for 4 days....., Then bouncing back to tour the incredibly breathtaking ruins of Chichen Itza, swimming in a Cenote, and then ending with a proposal on the beach!