5 Ways to Keep Your Bridesmaids (and Their Wallets!) Happy
March 20, 2017
United States
Being a bridesmaid is the end-all, be-all of best friend duties... and one your lovely ladies will most definitely take seriously. But, if you love your girls (and we know you do), then keeping it as cost-effective as possible is beyond important. So today we're turning to our friends at Vow To Be Chic for their advice on how to do just that. Scroll below for happy maids in five simple steps.


We've all done the bridesmaid dance a time or two (or three) and there's nothing more annoying than trying to squeeze ten different body types into one gorgeous style. That's why we're all about letting your besties choose from an array of stunning dresses, aka, making sure they feel confident in a style + color combo that flatters their every curve. We suggest teaming up with a stylist (like the talented ones at Vow To Be Chic) to help guide you to the mix and match combos that will really make a statement. They know their stuff, you guys, so you can totally trust them.



One of the biggest expenses of bridesmaid-ing is all of the little accessories your ladies have to buy along the way. So rather than asking them to stock up on new jewelry, we suggest buying them the essentials as a sweet present that really shows them how much you care. And you don't have to get crazy with gorgeous sparklers... keep it simple with beautiful earrings and show-stopping bracelets. Oh, and bonus points if you have your maids wear their own shoes. 'Cause that's just comfy AND cost-effective.



From the bachelorette party to the bridal shower to the engagement party and everything in between, your out-of-town maids are sure to be feeling the travel cost heat. So instead of asking those ladies you love to fly in for a special bridesmaid dress shopping excursion, curate your very own Vow To Be Chic Bridal Suite, then invite your besties and have them order try-ons. Your maids can pick a day to host their own personal fashion show (with bubbly, of course) and send you photos of the big reveals. It's just as much fun at zero the cost.



Take it from someone who has been there, bachelorette parties can get crazy expensive. So why not relieve some of that financial stress from your maids and DIY your "night out" with your friends. Think an at-home spa night just days before the wedding filled with tasty treats and drinks. You can kick back in your robes, sip champagne and watch all of those movies you grew up loving. Sooo fun.



Of course, nothing saves more than renting your bridesmaid dresses. I mean, you can literally save your besties hundreds of dollars on gowns, alterations AND dry cleaning just by hopping online and kicking back in your yoga pants. (Champagne is optional.) And it's sooo simple. Just head to an online shop (we suggest Vow To Be Chic), peruse the stunning lineups of top-quality designer dresses, consult a stylist and start curating. With Vow, your besties will receive their dresses (with a backup size!) two whole weeks before the Big Day and can simply return it once the party is over with pre-paid packaging. Vow will even dry-clean for you. We love that.


Head to Vow To Be Chic today to start your journey to seriously happy maids. And don't forget to use promo code SMP10 for 10% off a rental!