How This Couple's Two Dogs Brought Them Together
March 15, 2017
Chad and Veronica were distant acquaintances at their gym for nearly 3 years, but it wasn't until they struck up a conversation that they realized how much they had in common. Most importantly, their beloved chocolate lab dogs. And get this - those chocolate labs are the exact same age and share the exact SAME NAME. Call if fate, call it chance...we call it meet-cute perfection, and Kate Weinstein's photos beautifully capture the love.
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From Veronica, the bride-to-be... We had mutual friends so we knew of each other for 3 years. We were members of the same gym, but in that time we never had a single conversation. A simple “Hi, how are you” or a “See ya” at the gym may have been spoken a time or two but other than that, we were just in different places in our lives. After some time, we found ourselves talking to each other for the first time and realized we had an undeniable connection.

It just so happened that Chad had a chocolate lab he got in college. Well, I had the same story. I got a chocolate lab, out of the blue, in college as well. What makes this story even weirder is that we both named them Hunter. Two chocolate labs, same names, same age. It was just meant to be!

Within the next few weeks, we were out for a mutual friends birthday party. I remember he grabbed me and said “This may sound crazy but I think we are supposed to be together.” Eight months later we were engaged and the rest is history! We now live happily ever after with our chocolate labs, Hunter & Hunter, and will tie the knot this fall."