3 Ways Brides are Influenced by Celebrity Engagement Rings
March 14, 2017
Not gonna lie... I spent a hefty amount of time researching engagement rings in The Vault and on Pinterest. Even though I wanted my hubs to add his own touch, I figured, there's nothing wrong with hinting toward what I liked, right? No shame my friends, no shame. And I think we'd all be lying if we said celeb rings didn't influence us the least bit—they totally do. We've got Brilliant Earth here today to prove it, along with three recent celebrity ring style stats.
From Jaimie Herrmann of Brilliant Earth... Celebrities have a strong influence on style trends, and that extends to engagement rings and fine jewelry. We often see a spike in interest in certain designs or gemstones after a high profile celebrity engagement. Our audience loves content that showcases different twists on the trend, or curated lists of styles inspired by the celebrity's ring.

Across the board the jewelry search trends reinforced that couples are seeking more unique engagement rings that reflect their personal style. Couples are increasingly interested in distinctive blush-hued rose gold. While round brilliant diamonds remain most popular, we’re also seeing more couples opting for oval and pear shaped diamonds and more distinctive colored gemstones like morganite.

Rose gold engagement rings are nearly 7 times more popular than they were in 2004, making it the most trendy metal for 2017.
 Thanks, Lauren Conrad!

Interest in Sapphire jewelry nearly tripled when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in 2010.

Cushion cut diamond searches spiked when Kanye gave Kim her stunning engagement ring.
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