When the Wedding Planner Becomes the Bride!
March 13, 2017
Wedding planners see it all, from the early prep to the day of delights - who better to know how to keep brides-to-be happy as can be than these planning extraordinaires?! So when Maria Sila of Tie the Knot in Santorini said "I do" herself, it was time for her to follow all her own advice! We shared her tropical inspired wedding on Friday and today, we're learning exactly how she stayed so calm, cool and collected - and still had the time of her life. Read on for more!

If You're Having Fun, Your Guests Will Too!

Often times we worry too much about ensuring our guests enjoy the wedding day. I think this the #1 stressful factor for brides! It's true that you can't please everyone, especially with big groups! Remember one thing: your guests are there for you! If you are having fun, they will too! The couple is the center of attention on the day and whatever they transmit will pass on to the guests. If you're happy and enjoying the day, they will too! If you are stressed, they will most probably feel uncomfortable then as well!

Have Your Nearest + Dearest Close!

We had only our closest family and friends join us on our special day; it felt nice having familiar faces all around, sharing in our happiness. In order to achieve this level of satisfaction with your decisions, whatever they may be, it's important to learn to say "no" to outside opinions! It was hard for us to make our guest list as short as possible and to say "no" to our parents or friends that wanted us to invite more people. But we stayed strong and even if we didn't like it right at that moment, it was worth it - we were quite happy and reassured on the actual wedding day!

Relax While Getting Ready!

This is so important - especially for the bride! Grooms tend to have a relaxing, fun time while getting ready, but for us brides, nerves during the preparation time can ruin the day!
Since the very beginning of wedding planning, I made the decision not to have many people in the room while getting ready. I had nine bridesmaids and imagine all of us in one the room, no matter how big it was, having our hair and makeup done! That would have been just too noisy and not relaxing for me. So instead, I got ready with just my sister and Maid of Honor. When all the girls were ready, just before they put on their beautiful bridesmaids dresses, they came to the bridal room and we had some great “getting ready” photos while having champagne! It was fantastic! Side note: one or two glasses of champagne also always helps :)

Trust The Pros

We selected the wedding vendors that would make our dream wedding come true after a lot of thought and research, so it's important to then trust them! They know what you like, they know your vision, so let them be creative and make your wedding FABULOUS! People are always more effective when they feel that you trust them! Don’t forget that no one wants the day to be perfect more than your planner! If there are little details a bit different than you expected, try to be flexible! None will notice, we swear! It will not prevent anyone from having a great time!

Be In the Moment With Your Love

Happily ever after starts on your wedding day! A stylish and fun celebration is important, but not as important as showing love to your partner. During the ceremony, while exchanging your vows, feel the moment! How beautiful are the minutes, the seconds you are living! Feel them and keep them in your heart because it all goes so fast!

We always recommend having a portrait photo shoot for a couple of hours on the day as well, usually before the ceremony. It's the perfect opportunity to be together, just the two of you! Yes, the photographer and videographer will be there too, but believe me, it will be as if they are not :)

See the full sunny celebration right here!

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