Why I'm Doing Two Makeup Trials Before My Wedding
March 10, 2017
United States
This might sound trivial but one of my biggest concerns about our wedding day is having to wear a face full of makeup that makes me feel like a totally different person. I think a lot of women have had terrible experiences having their makeup done! Maybe you have too? Today, I'll be chatting about why I'm doing two trials and some tips I've learned along the way with Blushington! xo, Mackenzie of Design Darling
So, back to those terrible experiences... I remember having my makeup done before my high school prom and immediately running to the bathroom to scrub off layers of orange-y foundation before anyone could see me. Even as an adult I’ve had makeup artists tell me to trust them that purple eyeshadow will look great on me because it will complement my red hair (again only for me to scrub it off in the bathroom!).
So while I’m planning to do a proper hair and makeup trial at the salon on Nantucket the day of our wedding, I also wanted to do a more casual makeup trial locally so I could get more comfortable with the whole concept. A friend recommended Blushington, a makeup lounge with locations in California, New York, and Texas. They actually do on-location makeup services if you’re getting married in one of those states!
It might not be a traditional part of the planning process but I’m so glad I took a morning to do an additional makeup trial and address this little fear of mine. I followed advice from several Style Me Pretty posts to bring in pictures of makeup looks I like, which was definitely my biggest takeaway from the day. It was also so helpful to have Mason, my lovely makeup artist for the day, share the words she’d use to describe them — fresh-faced, natural, classic, understated — so I can repeat them to the makeup artist who will actually do my makeup the day of our wedding when I do my real trial on Nantucket this summer.
Another tip from Mason that resonated with me is that it’s easy to start light (whether with foundation, eye shadow, bronzer, you name it) and add another layer if you feel like it hasn’t covered every blemish or you don’t think you’re wearing enough to show up on camera. So I’ll definitely be asking my wedding salon to go easy on the first application and go from there if we agree it’s not quite enough.
My final tip is to have pictures taken after your makeup trial. I might not schedule your engagement photos immediately afterward because it might be too much pressure, but something a little more formal than an iPhone selfie is great because it will show you how your makeup will read on camera for your big day. Even if you can’t meet up with your wedding photographer like I did (thanks Cameron Kelly Studio!), asking a friend who has a nice camera is an easy and worthwhile alternative!
All in all, I’m happy with the choice to do two makeup trials, especially since Blushington offers full face makeup starting at $55. Now in addition to bringing inspiration photos from Pinterest and other bloggers to my real makeup trial, I can bring in a couple photos of myself wearing makeup I actually like! Anything else I should know before my hair and makeup trial this summer? I’m all ears!
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