This Mama-To-Be Bride was Glowing on Her Wedding Day
March 9, 2017
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A wedding day in itself is already filled with so much joy. But when the Bride has a little extra reason to glow thanks to a sweet babe on the way? That joy is taken to the next level my friends and this beauty is proof. How lovely is that dress?! K and K Photography and Voila Cinematic captured Bob & Kristie's entire day with such care and you can melt over it all in The Vault.
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From the Bride... After many years of thinking that ‘Happily Ever After’ was only a thing only in fairytales, we met and finally all of those cheesy, ooey-gooey, love-filled songs on the radio made sense. It was head over heels from day one...not your ordinary love, one of great magnitude and a depth that would make the ocean blush (I bet all of you brides reading this, can nod your head in agreement about your special someone, too!). We knew we were going to spend eternity together and start a family.

Okay, so you’ve found the perfect man—now you need to find the perfect venue, dress, flowers, cake, food… is your head starting to spin yet? I was in your shoes. Bob and I are very laid back and wanted our wedding to reflect that trait. We stumbled upon Cross Creek Ranch, as it is just minutes from our home and had stellar reviews—we had to see it for ourselves. From the first visit with the extremely helpful staff and coordinators there (that will soon turn into members of your own family) we knew we had our dream venue. Majestic oak trees, winding pathways, blooming gardens, and rustic character touches make this property stand out from your typical ‘cookie-cutter’ venue.

As if this venue was not naturally stunning as it, Alta Fleura shipped in over 10,000 flowers to add a sense (and smell) of romanticism. This extremely skillful team assembled a live flower wall that weighed over 800 lbs and smelled even more fragrant than it weighed! They covered the bridge that quaintly stretched over the bubbling brook below. Everywhere your eyes took you, there were flowers splashed so elegantly, accentuating the beautiful decor.

We chose soft blush and gold tones to play up the romantic, free-flowing, relaxed atmosphere that we had in our minds. Most importantly, we wanted our guests to have fun, feel comfortable, and soak up all the love in the air. Think about all of those boring, drawn-out, look at your watch every 10 minute kind of weddings that you had the ‘pleasure’ of attending (sorry, but you know what I’m talking about!) Our friends and family have been there for us through it all and we wanted our wedding to be but a small gift to them for all that they have done. Think about it, these are your most favorite people in the world!

After a teary-eyed first peek, where we exchanged cards to one another, it was time to say ‘I Do’. Pastor Brian led the ceremony inside the chapel that had 150 year old wood floors & our famous flower wall… I wish I could have one in my house 24/7! The ceremony was sentimental, had a few crowd-pleasing laughs, tears, and of course a BIG KISS! Pastor Brian was very down to earth and relatable, enough that our guests felt the connection to us and to their special someone as well. It was short and sweet. The perfect amount… we said I Do and everyone walked across the lawn to cocktail hour, just outside the rustic barn area where they were greeted with our signature drinks: “Something Blue” and “Say ‘I DO’ Sangria”. Everyone loved them!

No one wants to be stuck in uncomfortable shoes, sweating hot and listening to elevator music, so I made sure to have some fun DIY crafts on hand: Lavender Oshiburi towels (refrigerated) to keep guests cool, hand-held fans to ensure you were feeling the breeze, flip flops by the dance floor so no on had an excuse NOT to get up and bust-a-move, and a few other personal touches. We truly made our wedding day our own… and it was so special, not just for us but for everyone involved.

The sun began to set, dinner was in our bellies, cake served, and everyone was still talking about how VESH Catering & Alessi Bakery truly delivered—this was not your typical wedding food and our cake was moist and flavorful! Okay, now I’m daydreaming about prime rib and chocolate cheesecake layered cake. The bonfire was lit and s’mores were a huge hit with our guests, who doesn’t feel like a worry-free kid again eating gooey s’more?!

K&K Photography and Violá Cinematic immersed themselves into our wedding, they were extremely professional without being stale and the ‘typical’ stand here, say cheese, do this, do that kind of photographer/cinematographer. They allowed us to be ourselves… laugh, crack jokes, shed a sentimental tear, and enjoy the moment. The photos and videos truly reflect the love and fun that was at our wedding.

My favorite part of our wedding day, is that our Son, Tyler was able to experience it with us… from inside my tummy. Yes, I was 6 1/2 months pregnant at the time of my wedding. It was a beautiful experience. Having said that… most brides would cringe about trying to locate a dress for their ever-growing baby bump. My dress, with the help & style guidance from the super-fun employees of The White Magnolia, could not have been any more perfect. It was ‘me’, not ‘pregnant me’. I loved how it was tailored in just the rights spots and free-flowing and whimsical.

When going to plan your special day, my advice is to think of things from your guest’s perspective. Don’t go overboard trying to plan every minute, but think about what’s important to you and yours & share those elements with your guests. It will authenticate your special day and allow everyone to partake in that grand love you two share. Wishing you all a beautiful wedding and a story-book love that lasts until the end of time.