This Couple Turned Their Backyard Into a Dream Venue
March 7, 2017
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When Shyler and Trevor bought their first home together, they got it with the dream of a backyard wedding. Nearly 13 months later, they managed to completely transform the setting into a charming garden venue perfect for the occassion. Their labor of love paid off in a big way, and we have all the images from the lens of Becca Lea.
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From the Bride... Trevor and I met while I was working at a hotel in Dallas as a hostess in the restaurant. I had a friend that worked with me that asked if I could fill in for her one night at neighboring establishment, which was down the street. I walked in to fill in for her and met Trevor, who was the general manager. We went on our first date on New Year’s Day, about 2 months after I had begun working with him. During that first month of work, before the night got busy, I was telling a story to the cocktail waitresses in the hallway. Trevor was walking up behind me trying to pass through the group, and I accidentally backhanded him in the face, as I tend to talk with my hands. We had a good laugh and we like to say that the first time I slapped him in the face is the first time we both knew we might be meant for each other.

Trevor and I had been together 6 years when we got engaged so we have had a lot of time to think about our wedding and dream about different options. We had always talked about buying a house together with the intention of getting married in the backyard. We were fortunate enough to be able to make our wedding dream come true and buy a home in a wonderful Dallas neighborhood in July of 2015. We spent nearly 13 months tackling different projects in preparation for the big day – redoing the driveway, adding double doors to the backyard, building a backyard deck, removing and adding trees and plants, and re-sodding the front and back yard among other things. It was a lot of hard work but all very much worth it. Our families and friends and especially my father was able to help us out with much of the hard work. Trevor is the Beverage Director and cocktail creator where he works in Dallas. That being said, he had the food and beverage portion of our event covered. The wedding inspiration was a combination of the personality of a beverage director/cocktail creator and myself, a free-spirited holistic nutrition-trained clinical director of a wellness center and part-time yoga instructor.

Finding the right gown was very important to me. I dragged my sister Shane all over town trying on different wedding gowns. She was wonderful and very patient with me! I guess most women understand how important the gown can be on your wedding day. I had it in my head that I wanted a long sleeve dress with lace, but I kept trying on all different styles of dresses in case I fell in love with one that I wasn’t expecting. I went to Neiman Marcus with my future mother in law at the time. I have a great memory of us drinking champagne and trying on dresses. In the end, I fell in love with my Romona Kaveza long sleeve wedding dress. I am very happy with how my dress turned out. The associates at Neimans took wonderful care of me and added a little layer of lace to the bottom of my dress to make sure that it was long enough.

Our wedding was planned with Lindsey Zamora as my stylist and planner. She was so amazing! We became friends through the wedding planning process. It was wonderful to have her by my side for everything. She helped me create a clear vision for the garden inspired wedding that Trevor and I wanted to achieve, and then she executed everything just the way we had dreamed it up together. Becca Lea Photography was another huge part of the wedding planning process. She was so kind and gave me so many recommendations that helped get the planning process started. I feel very fortunate to have had the team around us that we did for the wedding, and we couldn’t have done it without our hospitality connections. It was great to feel like we were surrounded by people that really cared about us and our wedding day. We love them all and will always remember everything they did for us during our wedding.