#SMPWedding101 - What to Know Before You Plan Your At-Home Wedding
March 3, 2017
There are some undeniably amazing venues to get married at around the globe but sometimes the best and brightest is right in your own backyard. At home weddings have a certain sentimental flair but just because the "venue" is free, doesn't mean planning is as easy as pie. Gather Together Events is here to share their insider knowledge so you can have an elegant AND organized at-home celebration!

It will cost more than a traditional venue...

Really? For a backyard wedding? Yes. Consider this: you’re building a venue over the course of a week or less. Your "venue" is free, but by the time you add flooring, tenting, climate control, restrooms, generators, catering/vendor tents, lighting, tables and chairs, and more, you’ve easily exceeded a venue rental fee.

...But you may already have some of what you need.

Our motto for private property weddings is "work with what you have." That grand garden staircase flanked by flower boxes? Perfect tent entrance. Your grandmother’s mosaic bird bath? That’s now our cake table. Poolside guest house? Perfect spot for the band to get ready. When you’re getting married at a special place, you can use the beauty and bones of what already exists to personalize the event.

Leave it to the experienced professionals...

It sounds easy, right? Pop up a tent and call it a day? Not quite. At-home weddings are not the same as working at a venue, and they require a team with special experience and skill. For example, you want a caterer who knows exactly what they need in the way of prep space, cooking equipment (the house kitchen rarely has enough), additional service staff (it’s often a long walk from prep space to event space), etc. When you’re working on a mountain in southern Virginia or a farm in upstate South Carolina, provisions and staff are often far away. Make sure your vendors are absolute pros!

...Especially a professional event planner!

There’s a lot of talk about who are the "right vendors" to pull your wedding together, but the right vendors do not a wedding make. A professional planner curates the team to make sure it’s the one best suited for the job. There are countless variables in weather, transportation, and more when working in a new space, so you don’t just want the vendor with the best Instagram feed. You can trust your planner not only to choose the people who can handle the variables, but also to help them work together for amazing results. And don’t just choose any planner – with all that can happen (remember how we have to build a whole "venue" in less than a week?), experience in private property weddings is key.

You have ultimate flexibility...

One thing we love about at-home weddings is the luxurious installation schedule. Tent coming in Tuesday? No problem; there are no other events to worry about. We’ll install lighting Wednesday, draping Thursday, furniture Friday, and have all of Saturday to worry about deliveries and focus attention on the bridal party. As designers, the extended time frame allows us to be super creative in what we can make happen for the look and feel of your event!

...But you’ll want to prepare.

Talk with neighbors, and maybe even invite them if they would otherwise be bothered by the noise. Take time to get the property ready – plant flowers that will be blooming on your wedding day, and what a great excuse to finally put in that patio! Call your insurance agent and find out what you need to cover yourself if anything goes wrong. These preparations and countless more that we recommend to our clients will help things run beautifully and smoothly.

Getting married at home adds an extra special feeling to your wedding day.

Having hair and makeup done in your mom’s bedroom will bring back memories of playing dress-up as a little girl. Walking through your grandmother’s rose garden for your first look, you’ll remember the sweet scent every time you see your groom. There’s no place (to get married) like home!
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