We Should All Follow this Bride's Simple Wedding Planning Advice
February 28, 2017
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Ok, ok... maybe it's more simply said than done—but if we all followed this Bride's wedding planning advice of "do not stress" the whole process is a lot more enjoyable, I promise. It's about making 'fun' a priority in planning your big day. And when you do just that? The result is a beauty and love-filled day like this one captured by Amalie Orrange.
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From Amalie Orrange... Shane and Katie met through Shane's sister. She and Katie were best friends in college and she decided to introduce Katie to her brother, the rest as they say is history! The proposal.. Shane made a video of all their pictures and videos from the 3 years that they were dating. He got a bucket of popcorn and hid the ring box at the bottom of the popcorn box. He told Katie they were watching The Martian movie and when it started it was actually a video of them. At the end he reached into the pop corn, pulled out the ring, got on one knee and asked Katie to marry him! Katie's and Shane's inspiration and style of their wedding day was to feel natural and beautiful, they used a lot of greenery, wood tones and neutral colors. Katie said once they booked Up the Creek the vision of their wedding was very easy to bring to life. The venue was perfect for their ideal style wedding. I asked Katie what was her favorite part of their wedding day and she said the first touch was my absolute favorite. Shane and I were both filled with nerves and butterflies but once we got to hold hands, talk to each other, and pray together, we both felt ready to go! A tip Katie would share with a future brides would be... Do not stress. I told myself that I would not be a bride that let the planning turn into stress and instead enjoy every moment of the planning process. And that's exactly what I did. I enjoyed every moment from the planning to the wedding day. The small stuff wont matter in the end. And of course, work as a team with your fiance. Team work makes the dream work.