Rustic Montana Wedding Infused With "California Cool"
February 27, 2017
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Lindee and Todd's wedding day wasn't just about celebrating their love, but about bringing two families together in a meaningful way. Goldfinch Events & Design helped blend their California style with the rustic Montana setting, and even the couple's children got in on the fun. "We made sure that each of our kids' personalities were especially incorporated somewhere within the wedding," added Lindee. Watch how the day unfolded in the gallery captured by Jeremiah and Rachel Photography.
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From Jeremiah and Rachel Photography... Lindee and Todd are some of the kindest people we've ever met, and spending just one minute with them you'd understand why these two are so perfect together. Lindee and Todd live in California, but chose the beautiful state of Montana for the joining of their families to honor Lindee's family and upbringing. Cara from Goldfinch Events did an amazing job at blending their cool California vibe with the rustic side of Montana. One of our favorite parts of this wedding was the obvious love they have for their children. Everyone was so involved and caring, and it's not often that I cry at weddings, but I definitely cried at this wedding. Todd's three stunning daughters and Lindee's handsome son all seem as if they have been siblings all their lives and it was so touching to see how happy everyone was that this day had finally arrived!

From the Bride... Our inspiration came from the blending of our families. Every decision, every detail was all about everyone being comfortable and having a good time. We made sure that each of our kids personalities were especially incorporated somewhere within the wedding. From my teenage boy wanting to wear his first bowtie, Todd's oldest daughter using her wedding coordinator work experience for our ceremony, Todd's middle daughter loving 50's music, to Todd's youngest begging to wear Converse at the reception...we made it all happen! It makes our photo album that much more special when we see those little details, and the huge smiles that accompany the details!

It was also very important to Todd and I to incorporate my rustic Montana farm girl upbringing with his casual California surfer style. Thank goodness for Cara Finch at GoldFinch Events for helping us to bring our ideas and visions to life! It was such a joy to share all of this with friends and family who came from near and far to be with us on this very special day.

Our wedding day was most certainly a celebration of us..."us" as in Todd and I, but it was also so much more... It's now "us" as a family of 6, and for that we are forever blessed. A special thanks to Jeremiah and Rachel for capturing our big day and big love on 8/8/16 with your beautiful photography!