The 5 Groom Trends We Can't Wait to Kiss Goodbye
February 24, 2017
There's nothing like seeing your dashing Groom waiting for you at the end of the aisle. And while we love, love, love when the Mr.'s really let their personality shine through in their wedding uniform, there are certainly a few trends that we can't wait to bid adieu. Sorry super hero undershirts and man buns, we're looking at you.

Wild socks

While we love a good pattern moment, those technicolor sock situations have got to go.

Baggy suits

There is nothing like a great tailored suit. Its ill-fitted cousin on the other hand, we'd gladly archive.

Superman shirts tucked under your collared shirt

While funny and quirky, this trend is best left to the 12 and under crowd.

Flip flops for a destination wedding

Put those toes away gents. Weddings aren't the time for alfresco footwear.

Messy Facial Hair

There's a certain way to do messy. Tailored beards or a little scruff are good but the regular old, forgot to shave look is a no, no. And man buns, we're including you in this category too.