5 Must-Know Tips To Survive Wedding Dress Shopping
February 24, 2017
The wedding planning process is full of decision-making moments. But the one question I got asked almost every time someone brought up wedding talk was "Have you found your dress yet?!". So much attention is put around the dress that it can feel overwhelming before you even start shopping. Make it easier on yourself with these five tips to survive that big day before the real Big Day.

Don't Feel Pressured

Don't feel obligated to bring along everyone! I don't know about you, but I get my best shopping done while alone or maybe with a very close girlfriend or my Mom. But never with a group of friends. You might be the complete opposite of this and actually have more success with more opinions. In that case, make it a party and bring on the bubbly! But the point is, don't feel pressured to have your entire bridal party there for the day. Bring who you trust or even go alone if that's what you feel best doing.

Don't Let Mom (or MIL) Take Over

If your parents do happen to be helping financially with your wedding, that should never mean they have a final say in any big decision. Especially dress shopping. Don't let your Mom or Mother-in-law pressure you to go for a certain style because they're making a contribution. And even if they aren't, they may still be vicariously living through you and try to sway you toward a design they love on you. If you do bring them along make sure to politely let them know opinions are welcomed. If you contemplate their presence being overwhelming, tell them you want it to be a surprise on the Big Day!

Do Your Hair + Makeup

Have you ever been in a fitting room and cringed at an outfit because you have zero makeup on and your hair is a mess? Don't make this mistake when dress shopping. It can be challenging to envision a gorgeous dress' full potential when you look like you just came out of the gym. This is a great time to have a hair and makeup trial done, or even just fancy yourself up a little extra to get the full look. Even considering bring some jewelry to test drive as well.

Don't Limit Yourself

So you've pinned a million dresses from the same designer or same style to your wedding board, but you're not quite loving how the designs fit on you when trying them on... don't box yourself in to one or two designers or styles. That two-piece number might look gorgeous on that other bride, but it just doesn't feel right on you. Be open, try on styles you never thought you would and most importantly, know what works best with your body type.

Start Early + Go with Your Gut

I've talked to brides who found their dream dress with the first one they tried on and others who went to several boutiques, or ended up buying a second or third dress because they didn't love the original choice. There's no magic number of dresses you need to try on. It might be one or a hundred. The key is to give yourself plenty of time to find the right one and go with your gut! When you know, you know.