The Perfect Winter Vow Renewal
February 23, 2017
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The only thing more beautiful than committing your life to the one you love is making that very same promise in a vow renewal. Set in the snowy mountains of Jackson, Wyoming, Callie and Brad recreated their wedding day, complete with a cozy outdoor dinner celebration. Simply Sarah photographed the day and you won't want to miss a single second.
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Callie + Brad's Love Story

Brad and I met in January of 2011, however, our actual first encounter is up for debate. Brad says we were introduced by our good friend at a concert at The Mangy Moose. I remember our first meeting being a couple weeks later after skiing one snowy Saturday. A friend and I had just finished skiing and were walking towards Nick Wilsons for a beer when I heard someone call my name. I turned around to see a very handsome bearded man walking towards me. He smiled familiarly, said hello and reminded me his name was Brad. I excitedly nodded and smiled back. He asked for my number and after he walked away my friend asked, “Who was that?” I laughed and said, “I have no idea.”

Brad called me a month later (nearly too long) and asked me on our first date, and because of the ever-changing facial hair of men in Jackson, I didn't quite recognize him when he came to pick me up. That night we had one of the best times dancing at a friend's birthday party in Jackson and knew this was something special. We immediately enjoyed doing all the things that come so easily to everyone in Jackson. We spent most of our time together skiing, biking, camping and floating the river. Over July 4th weekend 2015, the two of us hiked the Teton Crest trail.

The Teton Crest trail traverses throughout the Teton Mountains and is an absolutely stunning 40-mile trek. On our second day of backpacking which happened to be July 4th, we found ourselves at the Alaska Basin, a beautiful, peaceful, subalpine basin scattered with tons of little sparkling lakes, ponds, and boulders. It is a magical place. After a long, hot day of hiking, I went down to the water to take a dip and Brad said he would set up camp. As I was sunning myself on a big boulder next to the water, Brad quietly came up behind me and surprised me. I honestly thought he was trying to throw me in the lake. When I turned around he had dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes!

We both grew up on the East Coast, but we knew instantly that we wanted to get married in Jackson so all our friends and family from back home could come see this beautiful place. Jackson is where we fell in love with each other and the place we now call home. All the adventures we experience together here make our relationship and love stronger. When you are out in the mountains challenging yourself and pushing your limits, it gives you a deep sense of trust and admiration for the place and people around you.
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