Blankets + Bouquets Make For One Cozy Oregon Engagement Shoot
February 17, 2017
Sometimes all you need is your love, a cozy blanket and a beautiful bouquet, and with Maria Lamb behind the lens capturing it all, you're pretty much all set. Add in some of Oregon's stunning scenery and it's the icing on the cake. Simply Charming Socials helped plan this whole engagement shoot and these finished results show just how fabulously everything worked out. Enjoy our Vault right this way!
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From the Bride-to-be... Nick and I met as freshmen at Oregon State University in 2007, and quickly became close friends. While we didn’t actually start dating until we had graduated, everyone around us knew the love that we shared for one another without either of us actually ever admitting it. After graduation, he had moved to Washington State, and I was set to move to Lexington, Kentucky at the end of summer. I went up to visit him for a weekend in July, and ever since then, we have been inseparable.

We dated long distance for three years; most of our relationship was daily Skype dates where I would fall asleep mid sentence at 2 AM but refused to hang up because I just wanted to see him a bit longer. Our visits were usually weekend trips for him to Kentucky to drink bourbon, watch horse races, and embarrass ourselves as we both cried outside TSA as he headed back to Washington. Work finally allowed us to move together - this time to Atlanta, Georgia.

We had planned for quite some time to take a drive up to North Georgia to the wineries for the day. We gathered a picnic lunch, packed up the car, and spent the most wonderful September day together. At one point, Nick said he wanted to walk up to a quiet pergola at the top of the hill at Three Sister’s Winery to check out the view. While I was taking in the view, he had dropped to one knee. I don’t really remember much after that, but I do know that my answer was a very quick (potentially before he was even done with the question) “YES!!!!”.

With the help of our photographer, Maria Lamb, we found Rowena Crest in the Columbia River Gorge as a location for engagement photos. It was about 40 degrees and the wind was howling all day, but Maria made it so easy to have fun and forget the fact that we were freezing! I knew that I wanted to go a little more bold for our engagement shoot, and immediately fell in love with the vintage inspired coat from Anthropologie. Rowena Crest immediately reminded us of Ireland; the grey skies, and bare oak tree paired perfectly with the subtle pop of color from the coat and the bouquet to help us accentuate that feel.