Sweet + Sultry Chocolate Smokey Eye Tutorial for Valentine's Day
February 14, 2017
Tri State
We learned some pretty hair tricks to get into the Valentine spirit on Friday, and now we're ready for the finishing touches, just in time for our romantic dinner date this evening. In the spirt of all things sweet, this "Chocolate Smokey Eye" tutorial by Face Time Beauty Concierge is the perfect little piece to amp up your look for a special celebration. You Look Lovely Photography captured it all step-by-step, making it as easy as can be... now, if only your chocolate souffle plans were as simple...

Some people opt to do a smokey eye before any other makeup is completed but we actually prefer to begin with a completed face before starting a smokey eye. It is much easier for us to envision how heavy the smokey eye should be if we are able to consider the perfected complexion. In this tutorial, we started with a “completed” face and have swept a soft layer of translucent powder over the eyelid for blending purposes.

Sweep a tan/beige over the entire lid and a bit above the crease. Be sure to choose a color that is not too dark. A beige hue with a hint of pink can brighten up the eye and be a great base.

Pick a darker brown (this is where the "chocolate brown” hue comes in handy) and focus on the sideways “v” of the eye in the outer corners. For example, sparingly sweep the chocolate brown from the outer corner inward and a touch above the crease line and then brush back to the outer point of the “v” and down towards the lash line. This gives the eye definition and depth.

If needed, grab the soft beige or tan color used in step #2 to soften the chocolate brown (this is helpful if you want to soften the look). Also, use a gold or silver tone (the brighter you go, the more contrast) right in the center of the lid to reflect light for illumination.

Use the chocolate brown shadow to create a soft, smokey line on the bottom lash line. Be sure to blend this so the powder disperses and the line does not read too harsh. Draw a thin line of black or deep brown kohl liner on top lash line and use a brush to blend (we love the eyeliner by the new Estee Lauder line, Estee Edit). The idea is to get the darkest hue closest to the lash line and then for the depth of color to disperse as it gets closer to the brow.
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