This is the Kind of Love that They Write Books About
February 14, 2017
I dare you not to fall head over heals for this sweet, sweet couple. It's downright impossible when you take one look at their 31st anniversary images shot by their daughter, Michelle Boyd Photography. And the setting makes it all the more sweet. With their hill country land as the backdrop, these two read heart-felt love letters to each other and kissed their way through one of the most heartfelt photoshoots we've come across. If that's not a perfect Valentine's combo, then we don't know what is.
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From the Photographer... While it's incredibly special to photograph my clients everyday, this session has a dear and very tender place in my heart. Throughout my life I've told my parents that I hope I can love my husband just half as well as they love each other - because then I know we'll have a beautiful marriage. My parents, Marcel and Missy, have been married for 31 years, and been together for even longer than that. My mom worked in a country western clothing store, and my dad walked in one day and, as they say, the rest is history. They lived overseas for many years, and were married at the registrar's office in Norwich, England, and had a small party afterwards with a few close friends. Thirty-one years later, my parents are building their forever home in the quaint and charming town of Bandera, TX. The best way I can describe the area is that it's a photographer's hill-country heaven! Rolling hills, golden sunsets, and beautiful trees that my parents planted themselves. I thought it would be so fun to celebrate my parents' marriage on the land they'll live on forever, and so I chatted with my mom about doing a little "vow-renewel session," or simply an anniversary session. We found a dress (two, actually!), and they both wrote letters to each other that were beautifully transcribed by Samantha of Wondrous Whimsy. Here's what my mom had to share about the experience...

"We didn’t really have plans to actually re-new our vows, just to celebrate a milestone anniversary. When Michelle suggested we re-new our vows and commemorate the occasion with her beautiful photographs, we knew it was something that would mean so much to both of us. I don’t like to get dressed up. I’m more comfortable in flip flops and shorts out working in the yard. So when Michelle suggested we do this all out, I wasn’t really convinced right at first. Then we went dress shopping. In 1985, we got married in a registrars office while living overseas in England, it was a very small affair with a few friends, and I didn’t have a wedding dress for the occasion. So when we initially went to shop for a dress, I wasn’t planning on a long fancy anything. Then I put on the dress and immediately it brought tears to my eyes... And to Michelle's. You can say you never had those dreams of a beautiful dress, that you’re not into that kind of girly thing, BUT…. I felt so special in that dress. Then there is hair and makeup. I had never had my hair and make up ‘done’ before, but I allowed myself the indulgence, and it was truly magical. Not that the makeup made me look different, it was so natural it looked like me, but the difference was it lasted all day, my hair stayed in place forever, and in pictures it looked so flawless... God has blessed my husband and I with two beautiful children and a wonderful son in law. But even before that, He blessed us with each other. Over the past 30+ years, He has kept us strong in each other. Life is too busy. It was so amazing to be still for a moment in time and celebrate God’s blessings in our marriage and in our family, and to have all of them there with us meant so much to us. I am very blessed to have a daughter whose heart is bigger than the sky and who is so passionate about what she does. I am also blessed to have a daughter who also happens to be a photographer. You never know where this life will take you, but through her photographs, we will remember the love and commitment my husband and I have for each other and the beautiful blessings of family." --Missy

Photographing this session reminded me, yet again, of how important it is to celebrate your family. It was an absolute joy to spend time with my parents, and to allow them to just celebrate what an accomplishment 31 years is! This is a day I will never forget.