Colorful Butterflies Create a Whole New World for this Ranch Wedding
February 11, 2017
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When it came time for these two to say "I do", they decided to recreate the magic of the Bride's imagination filled childhood, complete with hundreds of colorful butterflies suspended from the tent's ceiling, creating a whole new world for their guests. This sight alone has us absolutely awe struck to say the least; see it in all it's glory thanks to Reel Eyes Media's film right this way!
From the Bride… Jace and I met through mutual friends when we were both undergrad students at Stanford University. We became close because we were the only two in our friend group who loved Battlestar Galactica so we got together every week to watch it and everyone made fun of us. We were friends for four years before we finally started dating after college. 

Our wedding was held at my family's ranch where I was born and raised. It was an absolutely magical childhood... I was an only child with an avid imagination and had all sorts of fairy friends down in the creek, was best friends with all the trees and wild animals and had long conversations with them, and held tea parties with butterflies and birds in the garden. I wanted to re-create that magic of the ranch of my childhood for everyone at the wedding, creating a day full of color, imagination, play, and innocence. There was no alcohol at our wedding to respect our families' beliefs, so we had a mid-day wedding on the summer solstice with face painting, a fairy walk scavenger hunt through the creek, hula hooping, a human nest, boats on the pond, and fun crafts and activities for everyone.  

Our favorite part of the wedding was our ceremony and vows. We wrote them ahead of time but many things were improvised on the day of. Our ceremony was so raw, emotional, but also hilarious and playful, it was completely us! We were also able to really include our whole community and we still feel so close to everyone who was there.