Crazy Romantic Valentine's Day Hair Tutorials
February 10, 2017
Tri State
Today may be Friday (reason enough to celebrate) but with Valentine's Day just around the corner, we're feeling extra special. But why limit the excitement - and the hearts, sweet treats and romance to just one day? Why not celebrate all weekend long? That's just what we plan on doing - specifically, with these festive hair tutorials thanks to Face Time Beauty Concierge, captured by You Look Lovely Photography!

Half Back Heart Hairstyle

Begin with hair brushed out. Take two sections from either side of head and bring back into a pony. Secure with elastic.

Grab a small section of hair from left side (above ear) and pull towards elastic. Take the end of the section and fold into the center of secured hair and pull thru. Let end hang.

Repeat Step #2 on the right side of the head. This time, use a bobby pin to pin hair over elastic neatly. Place the bobby pin underside of hair so it is hidden.

Pump some hairspray into these hanging strands near the “heart” for texture and use a second elastic to secure new ponytail (the other elastic is hidden above).

Embellish and adorn with flowers or a pretty flower crown!

Tousled French Twist

Start with beachy, textured waves for this look.

Take a section of hair aligning from the middle of the ear down to neck and firmly grasp. Twist the section from roots twice around and secure with bobby pins on underside of twists so the pins are hidden.

Take a larger section on the left hand side starting from above ear and twist three times and secure with elastic where both sections meet. Secure twists with bobby pins on this side as well.

Pump texturizing spray into air and use fingers to rub ends so the hair gains body and appears full.

Secure a flower comb into the twist or adorn with a pretty flower crown!
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