Two Ceremonies. Two Sites. One Wedding Day!
February 3, 2017
Tri State
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Can I just say that Kathleen and Justin deserve some kind of wedding planning medal for pulling off a day in two parts? Beginning with a traditional tea ceremony in midtown Manhattan followed by a Brooklyn celebration beneath the cherry blossom trees, they made a multicultural wedding look effortless as can be. DESIGNS BY AHN worked her floral magic and Sawyer Baird photographed the entire affair, and there's much more waiting this way.
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When planning a spring wedding under the cherry blossom trees in the city your heart skips a beat, in all of the right directions. Right? Kathleen and Justin shared a beautiful day at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. From all the small details to the big ones, Kathleen spent hours working on her wedding to make sure it was absolutely perfect.

On the wedding day we woke up to the coldest and stormy weather that was completely not ideal for the outdoor ceremony that was planned, our fingers remained crossed for the best and we made what we had work, as you do. The bride and groom had a traditional tea ceremony in midtown Manhattan that was surrounded by their closest family and friends. Later we all rode together to Brooklyn - making the ride with their the cutest thing. Justin had not seen Kathleen yet, as they did a first look when we got to the gardens. So the entire ride, he was blindfolded with Kathleen not even five feet away. It was one of the cutest wedding day experiences that I have had the honor of being a part of. Can you even imagine being less than five feet away from your future spouse and not even peeking to see them? Easy to say - I think the rest of us would have failed that task!

As we arrived at the garden the weather began to clear, it was amazing. Though it was still cold, Kathleen's dream of being married under the cherry blossoms was underway. Proving that even when things aren't perfect, they actually really area. As their closest family and friends gathered around at the ceremony you could tell how much these two were loved. The outpouring support to keep the ceremony outside, regardless of the cold weather, was just the icing on the cake. Besides, the arch by Designs By Ahn was beyond stunning under the cherry blossoms and I truly think it had no other place, expect to be where it was! It was so fitting, elegant, and simple.

Later on that evening Kathleen and Justin celebrated by laughing, dancing, and even bringing the band out to the dance floor. Proving that weddings are honestly just about a good time, love, and laughter.
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