Your Guide to Making Every Day Valentine's Day
January 30, 2017
When it comes to celebrating the love of your life, we're true believers that romance shouldn't be reserved for just one special day a year. That's why today we're teaming up with The Registry at Bloomingdale's to count down the ways you can fill your home with l.o.v.e. seven days a week, 365 days a year. From romantic meals to cozy Sundays, we've got you covered. Scroll for our top five tips below.


Nothing says romance quite like an evening spent snuggling at home, but when you add in an amazing meal, plus a few glasses of your favorite wine, it takes the amour to an an entirely new level. Sure, ordering pizza works, too, but to really show that special someone you care, we suggest going all out with fab place settings, flowers, music AND candles to really, really set the mood.

Things to Remember

  • Creating a romantic tablescape might seem daunting, but with The Registry at Bloomingdale's, everything you'll ever need will be right at your fingertips. We're talking gorgeous china, beautiful flatware and those special champagne flutes you'll need to "cheers" the one you love at the end of the evening.

  • You can't make the perfect meal without a whole lot of help in the kitchen, which is why The Registry at Bloomingdale's lineup of awesome kitchen tools is a definite must. Be sure to use their handy Registry Checklist, so you're not missing out on that mixer or coffee pot.


We all know about setting the mood, but when it comes to 365 days a year of romance, filling your home with beautiful details will have the same effect... we promise. Start with some gorgeous pillows and throws, then add sentimental pieces, like stunning picture frames with amazing captures of you and yours.

Things to Remember

  • Keeping your living space beautiful is key, but don't forget all of the handy tools that will simplify your life, as well.  Think awesome vacuums, desk organizers and more (!) that will keep your space as tidy as it is pretty.

  • Need help narrowing down all of the items you'll need to spice up your home? The amazing Personal Consultants at The Registry at Bloomingdale's will help you organize your entire registry, making sure you don't forget a single MUST.


Sunday mornings are meant for snuggling. And you can't have a snuggle sesh with your loved one without a whole lot of bedroom must-haves. We're talking lush pillows, luxurious bedding and a cozy robe that will basically become your weekend uniform. If it sounds absolutely magical, it's because it sooo is.

Things to Remember

  • Getting that bed all beautified is one thing, but don't leave out the decor your bedroom oh-so-deserves. From gorgeous canvas paintings to romantic candles, The Registry at Bloomingdale's has it all.

  • Didn't receive everything you need to create that bedroom sanctuary? No worries. With The Registry at Bloomingdale's, you can purchase everything left on your registry at 10-20% off with their amazing Completion Offers. You'll even receive a $100 splurge card when you spend $500 or more on your registry. How great is that offer? (Answer: VERY.)


Guys, you don't need to book an appointment at the local spa for you and your love to feel completely pampered. Nope, with The Registry at Bloomingdale's, you'll be kicking off those cozy slippers and soaking in a bubble bath in no time at all. I mean, who doesn't want to look completely gorgeous during those date nights in... and it all starts with some relaxation right at home.

Things to Remember

  • After kicking back in your bath for an hour or so, get ready to impress your love with a little chicness from head to toe. With The Registry at Bloomingdale's, you'll receive 20% off clothing, intimate and jewelry purchases, so you can look amazing for your honey.

  • Bonus: it's awesome to spend your day getting all pampered and pretty, but you can also use your luxe spa for a little "me" time after you've spent your day writing out those Thank You cards to all of your friends and family. (Hint: The Registry at Bloomingdale's Thank You Manager can totally help with that.)

FIVE: Don't Forget Your Adventurous Side

Want to keep that "honeymoon" period going love after the "I do's" have been said? Then grab your honey for some spontaneous road trips just like when you first met. Can't take a random journey far, far away? Then pack a picnic lunch and head to the mountains for a day that is FUN and seriously cozy.

Things to Remember

  • The Registry at Bloomingdale's offers some amazing in-store special events leading up to your Big Day, so grabbing your love and heading out to date night has never been easier.

  • Can't wait to take that honeymoon of your dreams, adventurous activities included? Don't miss out on the so, so awesome honeymoon packages through The Travel Siblings that will have you kickin' back with a margarita in no time at all.

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To kick off your year of romance, visit The Registry at Bloomingdale's today to make sure your abode is completely Cupid approved. Valentine's Day has nothing on you.

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography