Pretty in Pink for this Romantic Virginia Wedding
January 23, 2017
Mid Atlantic
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It's Monday morning and we'd be lying to say we jumped out of bed with glee. Let's get real; it's a struggle but luckily we have the cure for those beginning of the week blues and it comes in shades of pretty pink. Whimsical, romantic and bursting with all the beauty that makes SMP sing, this outdoor wedding by Elizabeth Fogarty is all we need to add a spring to our step - all in our Vault right here!
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From the Bride... Caleb and I both wanted an outdoor wedding, near the water. We wanted to keep it intimate and just to our closest family and friends. I would say the theme of our wedding is romantic, whimsical and comfortable. The most important elements of our big day is having a beautiful ceremony and finding time to enjoy it/take it all in. We want to be able to enjoy each other's company, as well as the company of our loved ones, but never lose sight that this is one of the most important, romantic steps in our relationship.

Caleb and his groomsmen wore light navy and my bridesmaids wore various shades of blush. The hardest thing about bringing our ideas to life was honestly budget - trying to make everything we wanted fit within the budget and prioritizing certain elements over others. Another small hiccup is trying to best accommodate family requests, but also staying true to what we want.

We met right after high school, through mutual friends at a party. Caleb broke the ice first and we started dating midway through freshmen year of college. We did 5+ years of long distance before he moved to NYC to join me in the working world. We've always known we'd end up together because we're so similar (neat freaks, love being active, family oriented) but also challenge each other to be better every single day. Our families have been so welcoming and supportive since the beginning, and the engagement/wedding process has just brought us even closer.