Host the Ultimate Invitation Assembly Party
January 20, 2017
Sometimes "getting there" is almost as fun as the destination itself and that sentiment certainly holds true in wedding planning. Just take this Minneapolis couple who took the "chore" out of invitation assembly by making it a full-blown party. Along with industry pros, Jill Elaine Designs, Rosann KoniecznyMaven and more, they rounded up drinks, donuts, and good friends to turn a tedious task into an evening to remember. See all the fun in the gallery captured by Lucas Botz and snag tips to host your own Invite Assembly Party from Park Place Planning & Events.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Space: A large table to spread out on is key so you have enough room for all of your suite pieces and space for assembly.

Set the Tone: Have some fun beverages and lite bites but keep them away from your pretty stationery. Upbeat music to keep the group going is key!

Have a Plan: Assemble a suite ahead of time so you know and can show your guests the proper steps and order of assembly. Consider setting up a cute diagram or list to help direct your friends.

Pick Up Your Stamps Ahead of Time: Just remember to get your suite weighed ahead of time at the post office you plan to mail from so you know exactly how much postage your suite requires.

HAVE FUN! This should be a fun part of your wedding planning experience!
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From the Planner... As a wedding planner I want my couples to enjoy every minute of the process-- from finding the perfect location to the last dance and everything in between; I want the whole experience to be memorable and as stress-free as possible. It’s easy to underestimate the amount of work required to assemble a wedding suite so when it came time to plan my sister’s wedding, I partnered with the talented Jill Elaine to surprise her with an assembly party. Putting the invitation together… together was not only more efficient, it was the perfect excuse to gather family and friends to celebrate another step in this beautiful journey. We spent the morning indulging in donuts and coffee and catching up on each other’s lives outside of wedding planning. We also succeeded in folding, stamping, stuffing, and sealing 80 invitations. I love being able to look back and see my sister and her fiancé’s smiles. I was honored to create and share this moment with them.

From the Bride... I know I shock no one when I say that weddings are a lot of work (even weddings where your maid of honor is a professional planner), so I was thrilled when I learned that Ty and I would have help putting together our beautifully designed but rather elaborately constructed invitations. I was even more excited when I learned that the day would also involve drinks and donuts as well as my family and friends. I highly recommend turning menial planning tasks into parties whenever possible; not only does it save you work, it allows you to spend quality time with those closest to you before things really get crazy.

From the Designer... As a custom stationery designer, I try to take the “chore” out of assembling the wedding invitation suite. It should be a fun part of the planning process-- a time to get together with family and friends to celebrate your upcoming nuptials and check an item off your to-do list at the same time. I adore packaging, so many times my clients and I will dream up a beautiful way to present the wedding invitation suite to their guests. Unfortunately, assembling a beautifully packaged invitation usually involves a number of time-consuming steps. This was certainly the case with Anna and Ty. The invitation was packaged with a translucent vellum paper, tied with a gold string, and affixed with a wax seal. To simplify the process, we put together an assembly to-do list: seven steps that hung on the wall to serve as a how-to as well as an art piece. I’m very lucky to be studio neighbors with LAB Minneapolis, a light-filled, beautiful open space with large tables perfect for invitation assembly. But you could easily host an assembly party at your home, an artist’s studio, or a private room at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop. Turn the process into a get-together with food, cocktails, and good company, and celebrate sending out your first invitation together as a couple.
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